Part one of five. One in this series of radio dramas. This religious-commentary saga features Lucifer, Jesus Christ, and a successful New York lawyer named Samuel Kyle. Sam is shaving one morning when his wife Nancy answers a knock at the door. A mysterious man stands on the doorstep; Nancy has no idea who he is, yet he says he's there to pick up Sam. Then Nancy begins to remember something from a dream ... and she knows why the man has come. His name is Verrier, and he is one of the Devil's demons. He has been sent to inform Sam of his selection as the Devil's Advocate, and to bring the lawyer to the primitive court in which Lucifer will be tried. In the wretched, dusty wilderness where the court is assembled, prosecutors Katherine Lamb and Jane Bank talk about the case. They are excited to be prosecuting Lucifer and happily predict the fame they may find after the trial's conclusion. Judge Felix Popper sits on the bench, with Milo Milo as his "clerk of court." The Devil arrives out of a black sea of birds and a boiling lake, but his persona is soft spoken and alluring. He shares dialogue with the other characters, including some sexually charged conversation with Katherine. Lucifer seems confident that he will be found innocent, in which case he will be sent back to Heaven -- which is just what he wants. The prosecutors have to prove that Lucifer has committed crimes on Earth. Opening statements are made, and Jane calls the deceased Ulla Shim to the stand. Ulla testifies about the involvement she and her daughter Pia had with Lucifer, an involvement that ultimately led to the defendant's identification of himself as the Devil. Continues with R:22309. Commercials deleted.


  • NETWORK: Sci-Fi Channel
  • DATE: February 9, 1999 Tuesday
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:43:18
  • COLOR/B&W:
  • CATALOG ID: R:22308
  • GENRE: Radio - Drama, fantasy/science fiction
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Devil - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: Sci-Fi Channel - Radio, 1999


  • Brian Smith … Producer, Director, Adapted for audio by
  • Clive Barker … Writer
  • Dylan Baker … Cast, the Devil
  • Ashley Albert … Cast, Pia and Lilith
  • Katherine Borowitz … Cast, Katherine Lamb
  • Guthrie, Tracey (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Nancy Kyle and others
  • Merwin Goldsmith … Cast, Verrier and Jack Easter
  • Horn, J.R. (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Judge Felix Popper
  • Tim Jerome … Cast, Jesus Christ and Daniel Mendoza
  • Simon Jones … Cast, Reporter
  • Nice, Rebecca (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Ulla Shim and Isabelle Nyder
  • Spraid, Jen (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Jane Beck and others
  • Weiman, Nick (audio i.d. only) … Cast, the Duke of York and others
  • Czar, George (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Milo Milo
  • Chip Zien … Cast, Samuel Kyle
  • April Ortiz … Cast
  • Rodstein, Dick (audio i.d. only) … Cast
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