Continued from R:22311. Part five of five. One in this series of radio dramas. This religious-commentary saga features Lucifer, Jesus Christ, and a successful New York lawyer named Samuel Kyle. The story picks up as Lucifer pays the boxer Daniel Mendoza the money he promised and then kills Jack Easter to punish the robot for what Lucifer calls his "sentimental, conscience-stricken, nostalgic little mind." Back at his trial, Lucifer's wife Lilith is called to the stand, and she reveals the most pertinent information yet. She talks about her husband's plans to be the master of Earth and to wage what she calls "a war called the twentieth century." With this, Lilith leaves the stand, and the prosecution rests. Kyle suddenly remembers a story his grandfather told him -- and realizes why he has been chosen as the Devil's advocate. The court goes into a recess, during which Kyle resigns from his position, and the Devil is forced to defend himself. He tells the court that he has been a victim, facing 10,000 years of suffocation. The prosecution then decides to let him have his wish -- to go to Heaven. The jury finds him not guilty. After swearing to never return to Earth, Lucifer makes his journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. At this point, Katherine asks the demon Verrier for protection because she has tricked Satan. The City of God is empty, and now Lucifer will be locked away there forever. Delirious with anger, Satan kills Verrier and threatens Katherine. In a moment of tenderness, Jane announces that she wants to keep Lucifer company in Heaven, and the two ascend, hand in hand. Kyle and Judge Popper prepare for the long trip home. Commercials deleted.


  • NETWORK: Sci-Fi Network
  • DATE: February 9, 1999 Tuesday
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:41:47
  • COLOR/B&W:
  • CATALOG ID: R:22312
  • GENRE: Radio - Drama, fantasy/science fiction
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Devil - Drama
  • SERIES RUN: Sci-Fi Channel - Radio, 1999


  • Brian Smith … Producer, Director, Adapted for audio by
  • Clive Barker … Writer
  • Dylan Baker … Cast, the Devil
  • Ashley Albert … Cast, Pia and Lilith
  • Katherine Borowitz … Cast, Katherine Lamb
  • Guthrie, Tracey (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Nancy Kyle and others
  • Merwin Goldsmith … Cast, Verrier and Jack Easter
  • Horn, J.R. (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Judge Felix Popper
  • Tim Jerome … Cast, Jesus Christ and Daniel Mendoza
  • Simon Jones … Cast, Reporter
  • Nice, Rebecca (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Ulla Shim and Isabelle Nyder
  • Spraid, Jen (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Jane Beck and others
  • Weiman, Nick (audio i.d. only) … Cast, the Duke of York and others
  • Czar, George (audio i.d. only) … Cast, Milo Milo
  • Chip Zien … Cast, Samuel Kyle
  • April Ortiz … Cast
  • Rodstein, Dick (audio i.d. only) … Cast
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