One in this series of irregularly scheduled dramas. Part one of this drama about Mira, a woman struggling for self-fulfillment. This portion opens with flashbacks of Mira's college days, where she met her friends Adele and Samantha, and then shows her marriage to Norman and her first pregnancy. While in the hospital, she meets Lily, and they become fast friends. Mira and Norman buy a house in the suburbs. Lily is committed to a mental institution by her husband although she is sane. Norman tells Mira he wants a divorce, and Mira tries to kill herself. Divorced and recuperated, Mira returns to college where she meets Ben, a younger student, and strikes up a romance. Val, Iso, Mira, Kyla, and Chris go camping and discuss the meaning of love. Mira, expecting a visit from her sons, asks Ben not to stay at her home, and they quarrel. Ben wins the fight, and when Mira's sons arrive she explains to them that she has a lover. Ben leaves for Africa on a fellowship, but Mira stays behind to teach. Commercials deleted.


  • DATE: September 14, 1980 Sunday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 2:24:45
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T80:0501
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV, 1972-


    • Phillip Mandelker … Executive Producer
    • Glenn Jordan … Supervising Producer, Director
    • Kip Gowans … Producer
    • Anna Cottle … Producer
    • Carol Sobieski … Writer
    • Marilyn French … Based on the novel by
    • Billy Goldenberg … Music by
    • Lee Remick … Cast, Mira
    • Colleen Dewhurst … Cast, Val
    • Patty Duke Astin (See also: Patty Duke) … Cast, Lily
    • Kathryn Harrold … Cast, Bliss
    • Tovah Feldshuh … Cast, Iso
    • Tyne Daly … Cast, Adele
    • Lisa Pelikan … Cast, Kyla
    • Heidi Vaughn … Cast, Samantha
    • Mare Winningham … Cast, Chris
    • Ted Danson … Cast, Norman
    • Gregory Harrison … Cast, Ben
    • Jenny O'Hara … Cast, Mrs. Martinelli
    • Christopher Pennock … Cast, Harley
    • Al Corley … Cast, Tad
    • Michael Le Clair … Cast, Normie, Age 15
    • Johnny Timko … Cast, Clark
    • Drew Snyder … Cast, Carl
    • Richard Doyle … Cast
    • Steve Gagnon … Cast
    • Lew Horn … Cast
    • Karen Howard … Cast
    • Enid Kent … Cast
    • Douglas Stevenson … Cast
    • Naomi White … Cast
    • Patricia Wilson … Cast