One in this darkly comedic soap opera about the denizens of Wisteria Lane, a suburban neighborhood with a seedy underbelly that is thrust to the forefront after the suicide of one titular housewife.

Gabrielle and Carlos attend Bradley’s funeral, where there is much speculation about whether they witnessed his murder or not. Carlos’s CEO, Owen Johnson, speaks with him and informs him that Bradley called him before he died, and that he believes Bradley intended to recommend a promotion for Carlos, and Owen suggests that Carlos would make a good replacement for Bradley as president of the company. Gabrielle convinces him to accept, motivated by the increased pay. Edie visits the Mount Pleasant Gazette, attempting to look up David Dash in their records. She finds an obituary for Lila Dash, who was killed in a car crash, and discovers that she had a daughter, Paige Dash, who also died in the crash. Bree learns that Susan is missing a candy dish from her house and becomes concerned that Orson may be responsible. Lynette goes on various job interviews, although she doesn’t fare very well. Susan argues with Jessie when she attempts to plan her own lesson for her students; Susan wants to engage in “imagination-building” exercises while Jessie is interested more in concrete results which will persuade parents to continue sending tuition money. She discovers that the school is secretly evaluating her teaching performance and that she could end up fired because of it.

Bree confronts Orson over the various trinkets stolen from around the neighborhood, and he admits that he is suffering from some form of kleptomania. She recommends that he see a psychiatrist, and demands that he refrain from entering anyone else’s home; she plans to secretly return the stolen items somehow. Susan invites Jessie over to her house for dinner in an attempt to befriend her, although Jessie may be secretly attracted to Susan. Mike tells Dave that Katherine has opted out of their camping trip, forcing Dave to alter his scheme. Jessie and Susan become inebriated on Susan’s wine, and eventually Jessie leaves after kissing Susan on the lips, much to her confusion and discomfort. She tells Lee, Lynette, and Gabrielle about it the next day, and they conclude that Jessie is a lesbian.

Lynette asks Gabrielle to see if Carlos will hire her as a director of marketing, but Gabrielle is uncomfortable with doing so, believing that hiring Lynette would be “a big risk.” That night, Gabrielle learns that Carlos has hired Lucy Blackburn, his ex-girlfriend, as his new vice president, and she is coming over for dinner, much to her discomfort. However, Gabrielle changes her mind when she meets Lucy and finds that she is overweight. She seems to be quite able at her job, although Gabrielle’s distress returns when Carlos indicates that her appearance has not changed much since the time when he slept with her. Carlos indicates that he appreciates her charm and confidence, making Gabrielle concerned that he might still be attracted to her. To combat this, Gabrielle decides to suggest that Carlos hire Lynette after all.

Bree visits her neighbors on various pretenses in order to get inside and secretly replace the objects stolen by Orson. However, she accidentally places an item belonging to Karen in Gabrielle’s house, and Gabrielle blames her daughter Juanita, whom she believes is developing a thievery habit. Gabrielle scolds Juanita and believes she is lying, punishing her for the apparent act of theft. On her way out she spots Orson emerging from someone’s house and chases him down, discovering that he has stolen a coffee mug from Lee and Bob. Lynette attends another interview and is once again questioned about her age, which makes her upset. However, she changes her tune when she learns that the company has secured an account catering to a more “mature” demographic. She gets the job, but is upset when her interviewer believes her when she tells him she is older than she actually is. Gabrielle arrives to tell Lynette that she secured her a job for Carlos, but she decides she would rather take the other position. Lynette accepts after she tricks Gabrielle into getting Carlos to offer her a higher salary.

Jessie grows attached to Susan, although Susan tries to politely decline when she asks her over to her place, and says that she is not a lesbian. However, Jessie doesn’t believe her, believing that her behavior and mannerisms suggest otherwise. She believes that Susan is merely denying her own sexuality, although Susan tries to persuade her that she is mistaken. Dave talks to Katherine and convinces her to change her mind about going on the camping trip. Jessie begins to think that Susan is shying away from her because she thinks she is too old, but Susan informs her that she only invited her to her house to influence her evaluation, which seems to hurt Jessie’s feelings. Lynette begins working for Carlos and Lucy, and discovers Lucy and Carlos’s prior relationship. She deduces the real reason that Gabrielle recommended her for the marketing position.

After school, Susan talks to Jessie, apologizing for the misunderstanding between the two of them. Jessie still seems bitter about the incident, and Susan gets her to admit that she is becoming desperate for a relationship because she is afraid of being alone. Susan sympathizes with her situation and gives her advice, remarking that she doesn’t feel lonely because of the support of her friends. This wins over Jessie and they agree to be friends in a platonic sense. Gabrielle greets Lynette as she comes home from work and tries to inquire about Lucy, but Lynette doesn’t want to discuss it. She leads Gabrielle to believe that Carlos is still attracted to Lucy and gets Gabrielle to admit the real reason she got Lynette hired. Gabrielle also reveals that she knows Lynette lied about her salary to take advantage of her. They quickly get over their feelings at being deceived and agree to continue to serve each other’s requests.

Edie brings up the prospect of having a child with Dave, and he subtly talks about Lila and Paige, and how their deaths affected him, telling her that having a child would be too painful for him to bear. Edie is also shaken by Dave’s sense of loss and grief. Bree takes Orson to see a psychiatrist about his kleptomania, although Bree leaves when he indicates that the problem may be stemming from her as well. Orson admits that he relishes the thought of being outside of Bree’s control in some capacity. Unbeknownst to Edie, the Gazette locates an article which reveals that Mike was the other driver in the accident that killed Lila and Paige; she does not suspect that Dave plans to kill Katherine to take revenge on Mike. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: March 15, 2009 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:01:05
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 105916
  • GENRE: Drama, night-time serial
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 2004-2012
  • COMMERCIALS: TV – Commercials – Royal Caribbean cruise line^TV – Commercials – “Twilight” home video release^TV – Commercials – T.G.I. Friday’s restaurants^TV – Commercials – Apple computers^TV – Commercials – Nicoderm CQ nicotine patch^TV – Commercials – Garnier hair products^TV – Commercials – Hoover vacuum cleaners^TV – Commercials – Nissan automobiles^TV – Commercials – Schwab banks^TV – Commercials – Carnival cruise line^TV – Commercials – Humira rheumatoid arthritis medication^TV – Commercials – Applebee’s restaurants^TV – Commercials – Listerine mouthwash^TV – Commercials – Beano dietary supplement^TV – Commercials – Cymbalta antidepressants^TV – Commercials – Healthy Choice prepared meals^TV – Commercials – Old Navy apparel^TV – Commercials – Mederma skin cream^TV – Commercials – “Knowing” motion picture^TV – Commercials – Philadelphia cream cheese^TV – Commercials – Disney Parks amusement parks^TV – Commercials – Olay cosmetics^TV – Commercials – Lean Cuisine prepared meals^TV – Commercials – Mazda automobiles^TV – Commercials – HP computers^TV – Commercials – K-Y sexual lubricant^TV – Promos – “Dancing With the Stars”^TV – Promos – “Samantha Who?”^TV – Promos – “Good Morning America”^TV – Promos – “In the Motherhood”^TV – Promos – “Castle”^TV – Promos – “Scrubs”^TV – Promos – “Better Off Ted”^TV – Promos – “The Unusuals”^TV – Promos – “Brothers and Sisters”^TV – Promos – “Lost”^TV – Promos – “Desperate Housewives”


  • Matt Berry … Executive Producer
  • Alexandra Cunningham … Executive Producer
  • Joey Murphy … Executive Producer
  • John Pardee … Executive Producer
  • Larry Shaw … Executive Producer
  • Sabrina Wind … Executive Producer
  • Bob Daily … Executive Producer
  • George W. Perkins … Executive Producer
  • David Grossman … Executive Producer
  • Marc Cherry … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Dave Flebotte … Co-Executive Producer
  • Lori Kirkland Baker … Co-Executive Producer
  • Jamie Gorenberg … Supervising Producer
  • Stephanie Hagen … Producer
  • Charles Skouras III … Producer
  • Dana Wilson … Associate Producer
  • Jeff Greenstein … Consulting Producer
  • Bethany Rooney … Director
  • Jordon Nardino … Writer
  • Steve Jablonsky … Music by
  • Danny Elfman … Theme Music by
  • Teri Hatcher … Cast, Susan Mayer
  • Felicity Huffman … Cast, Lynette Scavo
  • Marcia Cross … Cast, Bree Hodge
  • Eva Longoria Parker (See also: Eva Longoria) … Cast, Gabrielle Solis
  • Nicollette Sheridan … Cast, Edie Williams
  • Ricardo Antonio Chavira … Cast, Carlos Solis
  • Doug Savant … Cast, Tom Scavo
  • Kyle MacLachlan … Cast, Orson Hodge
  • Dana Delany … Cast, Katherine Mayfair
  • Neal McDonough … Cast, Dave Williams
  • Shawn Pyfrom … Cast, Andrew Van De Kamp
  • James Denton … Cast, Mike Delfino
  • Charlie Carver … Cast, Porter Scavo
  • Max Carver … Cast, Preston Scavo
  • Joshua Logan Moore … Cast, Parker Scavo
  • Kendall Applegate … Cast, Penny Scavo
  • Swoosie Kurtz … Cast, Jessie
  • Kevin Rahm … Cast, Lee McDermott
  • Lesley Boone … Cast, Lucy Blackburn
  • William Schallert … Cast, Ken
  • Ken Lerner … Cast, Dr. Bernstein
  • Marc Valera … Cast, Mr. Vivinetto
  • Kevin Cooney … Cast, Owen Johnson
  • Madison De La Garza … Cast, Juanita Solis
  • Bevin Prince … Cast, Mariana
  • Caroline Fogarty … Cast, Jody
  • Melissa Strom … Cast, Nikki
  • Davis Cleveland … Cast, Jeffrey
  • Lauren Ann Kesling … Cast, Mia
  • April Hong … Cast, Receptionist
  • Quinton Medina … Cast, Charlie
  • Brenda Strong … Voice, Mary Alice Young