One in a series of evenings and special screenings presented as part of The Paley Center for Media's PaleyFest New York 2014. This evening celebrates "Hannibal," the suspenseful drama series based on the books by Thomas Harris about FBI Special Agent Will Graham and his complex relationship with psychologist -- and cannibalistic serial killer -- Hannibal Lecter. Host David Bushman (television curator, The Paley Center for Media/New York) offers opening remarks and introduces a series of clips from the show's first two seasons. Bushman then welcomes moderator Keith Uhlich (film critic, Time Out New York and Sight & Sound) to the stage.

Uhlich moderates the following panelists: executive producer Bryan Fuller; and cast members Caroline Dhavernas (Alana Bloom), Laurence Fishburne (Jack Crawford), Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal Lecter) and Hugh Dancy (Will Graham).

The panelists touch on such topics as: their first encounters with the Lecter "mythos" and timeless quality of "The Silence of the Lambs" film (1991); the books' depiction of LGBT characters and homophobic content; Fuller's decision to change some male characters to female for the series; the "heartbreaking" relationship between Will and Hannibal and the show's exploration of male friendships; Fuller's early plans to become a psychiatrist before being advised to enter film school; Alana's romantic feelings for both Will and Hannibal; Hannibal's surprisingly "honest" relationships with the other characters despite his deceptive actions; Mikkelsen's request for a fight scene and the violent brawl between Hannibal and Jack that opened and closed the second season; the "radically different" upcoming third season; the significant changes in Will's character after his profound experiences with Hannibal; whether Hannibal's trademark dapper wardrobe will change now that his character is "running but not hiding"; Dancy's suggestion of Mikkelsen for the role of Hannibal after working together on "King Arthur" (2004); the "fantastic gift" of their friendship in crafting Will and Hannibal's complex relationship; the need for reinvention in adapting books that have already been made into films; their favorite moments, including Dhavernas' love of the symbolic "fivesome" sex scene in the episode "Naka-Choko"; Dancy's enjoyment of his "long, rich dialogue scenes" with Mikkelsen; eccentric cinematographer James Hawkinson's metaphorical use of light and dark; composer Brian Reitzell's discordant, "psychological" music and sound design; their favorite moments in the score, including the death of Beverly Katz (Hettienne Park); praise for director David Slade and the "template" he created with the pilot episode; Fuller's sense that the strong cast is "bait" for potential guest stars; the show's many talented supporting actors, including Amanda Plummer, Eddie Izzard, Raúl Esparza and Dan Fogler; Jeremy Davies' committed and "emotionally honest" performance as Peter Bernardone; the beautifully-prepared food and table settings in the important dining scenes during which Jack and Hannibal bond; memories of their favorite and least favorite dishes; the many "murder tableaux" including "the eye" from the beginning of season two, in which dozens of bodies were sewn into an artful circular collage, and the "mushroom scene" from season one's "Amuse-Bouche"; hints about the season three premiere, which will focus on the relationship between Hannibal and Bedelia du Maurier (Gillian Anderson); the addition of Tao Okamoto as an amalgamated character; and plans to get "back into the lab" with the scientist characters in the second half of the season.

Questions from the audience then lead to a discussion of the following topics, among others: the fate of Will's beloved dogs after Hannibal's attack on Will in the season finale; the third season as more of a "soap opera" than a detective drama; Fuller's interest in offering the fans "tantalizing" hints rather than clear spoilers; the need for Alana to become more "manipulative" now that she understands Hannibal's true nature; the artistic talents of the "Fannibals," the show's devoted fanbase; a possible Will-Hannibal reunion in their figurative "memory palace"; their hopes to eventually add Clarice Starling as a character and the legal complications so far; plans to introduce Molly, Will's wife in the books, in the third season; Fuller's strong personal reaction to certain scenes and use of the actors' input in crafting emotional moments; and changes made to Fuller's original seven-season plan to avoid "treading water" in the story.

After the Q&A, the panel conducts a quick round of trivia with the audience members.


  • DATE: 8:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:27:20
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 116821
  • GENRE: Seminars


    • David Bushman … Host
    • Keith Uhlich … Moderator
    • Caroline Dhavernas … Panelist
    • Laurence Fishburne … Panelist
    • Mads Mikkelsen … Panelist
    • Hugh Dancy … Panelist
    • Bryan Fuller … Panelist
    • Gillian Anderson
    • Jeremy Davies
    • Raúl Esparza
    • Dan Fogler
    • Thomas Harris
    • James Hawkinson
    • Eddie Izzard
    • Tao Okamoto
    • Hettienne Park
    • Amanda Plummer
    • Brian Reitzell
    • David Slade