The pilot in this drama series about the lives of six twentysomething friends in New York City. The program begins with graduate student Dawnie using her status as a virgin to cleverly rebuff a drunk man at a bar. The next day, Dawnie's friends Jesse, Samantha, Vandy, and Russell help her celebrate her twenty-sixth birthday. Later, Sam tells all but Dawnie that she ran Dawnie's former beau, Ty, on the street and invited him to the party. Vandy warns that Dawnie and Ty ended their relationship on an especially ugly note. Later, Dawnie speaks with Professor James, her anthropology instructor at Columbia University, about writing a thesis concerning a "second coming of age" when reaching thirty. She wants to call the thesis "Wasteland." Meanwhile, struggling musician Vandy performs a song for a record executive who blows him off. At the same time, hunky soap opera star Russell signs autographs for his fans, trying to hide the fact that he is gay when a former one-night-stand shows up. That night, at Dawnie's "surprise" party, p.r. agent Jesse brings co-worker Curt before Ty arrives. Ty discusses Dawnie with Russell, not realizing that Russell is Dawnie's roommate. In the kitchen, Vandy confronts the object of his affections, Sam. He tells her that he has quit drinking and would like to now be friends with her. Eventually, Ty talks to Dawnie and they discuss seeing each other for the first time in six years. Then, she slaps him. The next day, Sam begins working for District Attorney Vince Lewis, who criticizes her southern accent. As Dawnie begins work on "Wasteland," she receives a call from Jesse and Sam, who reveal why Ty was invited to the party. Meanwhile, swim instructor Ty teaches Russell how to scuba dive before they discuss why Ty and Dawnie broke up. Later, in the locker room, Russell reveals to Ty that he is gay and still in the closet. That night, Sam goes out with Vandy, who tries to get back into her heart. She questions his drive to be a musician and wonders why he has never performed his music around her. Meanwhile, Ty arrives at the apartment and Dawnie is forced to answer the door. He apologizes to Dawnie for his behavior in college and she slaps him again. The next day, Jesse makes Dawnie call Ty and apologize for the slaps. She reluctantly invites him over for dinner. Meanwhile, Russell runs into his former one-night stand and apologizes for his behavior, but the guy doesn't accept the explanation. That night, Ty arrives at Dawnie's door with some flowers. At the same time, Jesse learns that Curt is two-timing her. Curt chews Jesse out for being "toxic" and says they were never in a monogamous relationship. At the same time, after a little wine, Ty begins reminiscing about old times before kissing Dawnie. Then, Dawnie reveals to Ty that she is still a virgin and wants him to make love to her that night. Later, Jesse finds Russell on the street and they go to drink away their troubles. Meanwhile, a frantic Ty wonders if he can have sex with Dawnie. When Russell arrives back at the apartment, Ty seeks his advice. At the same time, Sam tracks down Vandy at the bar where he works the night shift, saying she's sorry about her earlier criticisms. Finally, Dawnie is confused and angry when Ty breaks off their lovemaking. Quoting from her "Wasteland" thesis, she realizes that Ty is in the second coming-of-age while she is still in stage one. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: October 7, 1999 Thursday 9:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:57:01
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:58401
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1999
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - L'Oreal lipstick^TV - Commercials - Coors Light beer^TV - Commercials - "Three to Tango" motion picture^TV - Commercials - M&M candies^TV - Commercials - Burlington coat factory^TV - Commercials - Mentadent toothbrushes^TV - Commercials - Revlon makeup^TV - Commercials - 10-10-220 long-distance calling^TV - Commercials - Toys "R" Us stores^TV - Commercials - McDonald's restaurants^TV - Commercials - K-Mart stores^TV - Commercials - Sprint Personal Communication Service^TV - Commercials - Toyota automobiles^TV - Commercials - "American Beauty" motion picture^TV - Commercials - "Fight Club" motion picture^TV - Commercials - Clorox disinfecting spray^TV - Commercials - De Beers diamonds^TV - Promos - "The Practice"^TV - Promos - "Once and Again"^TV - Promos - "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"^TV - Promos - "Odd Man Out"^TV - Promos - "20/20 Downtown"^TV - Promos - "Good Morning America"^TV - Promos - ABC.com^TV - Promos - "Snoops"^TV - Promos - "Executive Decision"^


    • Kevin Williamson … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer
    • Bob Weinstein … Executive Producer
    • Harvey Weinstein … Executive Producer
    • Billy Campbell … Executive Producer
    • Stuart Besser … Producer
    • Julie Plec … Producer
    • Janice Cooke-Leonard … Co-Producer
    • Steve Miner … Director
    • Stewart Levin … Music by
    • Kenny Ortega … Choreographer
    • Sasha Alexander … Cast, Jesse Presser
    • Marisa Coughlan … Cast, Dawnie Parker
    • Rebecca Gayheart … Cast, Sam Price
    • Eddie Mills … Cast, Vandy
    • Dan Montgomery … Cast, Russell Baskind
    • Brad Rowe … Cast, Ty Swindell
    • Jeffrey D. Sams … Cast, Vince Lewis
    • Robert Wisdom … Cast, Professor James
    • Holt McCallany … Cast, Curt
    • Paul Fitzgerald … Cast, Jerk at Bar
    • James Michael McCauley … Cast, Payne
    • David Blanchard … Cast, Dan
    • Krisinda Cain … Cast, Fetching Blonde
    • Anthony Morehead … Cast, Colleague