One in this series of morning programs hosted by Luz Blanchet, Paco Lalas, Ana Mar’a Alvarado, and Laura Luz. The program is characterized by banter between the hosts on topics ranging from celebrities to popular television programs, and location reports from reporters Francisco de la O, Marbella Valencia, Esteban Mac’as, Ingrid Coronado, Sergio Sepœlveda, Claudia Ayala, and Ana Lorena Carballo. In this installment, Francisco de la O reports from his visit with "La Academia" alumni To–ita and Marbella Valencia reports on different water sports from Xel-H‡ in Quintana Roo throughout the morning. In the studio, the hosts kick off a segment on what it means to "change your life" which includes a humorous skit about changing jobs featuring the character "El Castor" (The Beaver), and interviews with people about what they would like most to change about their lives conducted by reporters Esteban Mac’as and Ingrid Coronado. (This segment includes an interview with Mexican actress Mariana Gaj‡.) Next, the hosts discuss famous people including actress Paty Navidad, singer Yuri, actress Kate del Castillo, and singer Tatiana (footage included). After a break, the hosts remind viewers of the telephone number to call to vote for the contestants of "La Academia" (The Academy), the popular reality show where aspiring pop stars live and train together and compete against each other in televised concerts. Different contestants from the show appear on screen throughout the program asking for people's votes, and a prize of ten thousand pesos is offered to callers with the winner being selected at the end of the program. Next, the hosts discuss television programs, including the popular telenovelas "Mirada de mujer" (Women's glare) (scenes shown) and "El Cl—n" (The clone) (no scenes shown). Another report, by Sergio Sepœlveda, covers the funeral of Celia Cruz in New York on July 23; the report includes archive footage of Cruz singing and footage of the march in New York City in which followers walked her remains to the Bronx to be buried. The program's dance group, El Ballet de Cada Ma–ana, proceeds to dance to one of Celia's songs, "La vida es un carnaval" (Life is a Carnival). In the next segment, guest Mart’n Aparicio from talks about recent reports of UFOs and objects falling from the sky in Mexico. Reporter Claudia Ayala follows with a report about space garbage, shooting stars, and particles in space. Back in the studio, one of the hosts, Laura Luz, has a young man demonstrate a new video game where you play by moving your feet rapidly on a platform. Next, in a pre-taped segment, Ana Mar’a Alvarado interviews Mexican soccer player Rafa M‡rquez. Back in the studio, another guest, psychotherapist Gaby Gay, accompanied by her two young sons, talks about her profession and relationships between parents and children. In a break from the program at the top of the hour, the news program "Hechos" gives a brief news update, including the following headlines (footage included): U.S. President George W. Bush announces that Saddam Hussein's two sons were killed in a recent attack; yesterday's fire on the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris was quickly contained and the site is open again today; and authorities have arrested several cocaine dealers in Mexico. The program's dance group performs once more, this time to "Despacito" (Slowly). Next, the hosts discuss several public figures and show footage about them, including actor HŽctor Sober—n and actress Luc’a MŽndez. Reporter Ana Lorena Carballo reports from a popular gathering spot for teenagers in the city. Back in the studio, the hosts present and discuss some scenes from the soap opera "Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad" (Two cheeky young men in the city). In the studio, reporter Francisco de la O and host Laura Luz do a skit in a fake van on the stage, singing "A que le tiras cuando sue–as mexicano" (What do you do when you dream Mexican) in a tribute to Chava Flores. Scenes from the television program "Taxi . . . Àlibre?" (Taxi . . . free?) are shown. As the program draws to a close, AmŽrica Fernanda is picked from the people who called throughout the program, and she wins the prize of ten thousand pesos. The program ends with the performance of El Ballet de Cada Ma–ana dancing to "Batido de coco" (Coconut Milkshake), originally by HŽctor. Includes integrated commericals and promos for the following products and TV Azteca television programs: "Mirada de Mujer," "Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad," "Taxi . . . Àlibre?," and "La Academia"; various nutritional supplements from Gelatin, Redu-grass, and Rocainol; and Price Shoes outlets.

(This program is in Spanish.)

The acquisition and cataloging of this program was made possible by TV Azteca, 2003/2004.


  • NETWORK: TV Azteca (Mexico)
  • DATE: July 23, 2003 Wednesdasy 8:30 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:59:17
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:79336
  • GENRE: Talk/Interviews
  • SUBJECT HEADING: International Collection - Spanish - Zone 3 - Mexico
  • SERIES RUN: TV Azteca (Mexico) - TV series
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Gelatin nutritional supplements^TV - Commercials - Rocainol nutritional supplements^TV - Commercials - Redu-grass nutritional supplements^TV - Commercials - Price Shoes outlets^TV - Promos - "Mirada de Mujer"^TV - Promos - "La Academia"^TV - Promos - "Taxi . . . Àlibre?"^TV - Promos - "Dos chicos de cuidado en la ciudad"


    • Gomez Junco, Rocio … Producer
    • Aurora Brito … Production (Misc.), Production Manager
    • Fabian Rode … Production (Misc.), Editor
    • Pedro Carlos Roldan … Production (Misc.), Editor
    • Juan Carlos Mendoza … Production (Misc.), Editor
    • Louis Vega … Director
    • Chavez Sandoval, Luis L. … Director
    • Mauricio Lara … Direction (Misc.), Assistant Director
    • Magali Regalado … Writer
    • Gerardo Sierra … Writer
    • Ana Maria Alvarado … Host
    • Luz Blanchet … Host
    • Paco Lala's … Host
    • Laura Luz … Host
    • Claudia Ayala … Reporter
    • Ana Lorena Carballo … Reporter
    • Ingrid Coronado … Reporter
    • de la O, Francisco … Reporter
    • Esteban Macias … Reporter
    • Sergio Sepulveda … Reporter
    • Marbella Valencia … Reporter
    • Martin Aparicio … Guest
    • Gaby Gay … Guest
    • El Ballet de Cada Ma–ana … Dance Company
    • George W. Bush
    • Celia Cruz
    • del Castillo, Kate
    • America Fernanda
    • Chava Flores
    • Mariana Gaja
    • Hector
    • Saddam Hussein
    • Rafa Marquez
    • Lucia Mendez
    • Paty Navidad
    • Hector Soberon
    • Tatiana
    • Tonita
    • Yuri