One in this daily news magazine series which reports international news to the American public. This program presents coverage of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This coverage aired on Wednesday, September 12. Host Lisa Mullins introduces the program. First, several reporters give news reports on the attacks on the United States yesterday morning. The reporters cover the following: the FBI ongoing investigation; President George W. Bush's response to what has happened; the rescue operation in New York City; the Bush administration's initiative to build a coalition against terrorism; reactions of NATO to the attacks, including the possible enforcement of the mutual defense clause of NATO's founding treaty; and the difficulty of locating suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden. Reporter Jeb Sharp covers details of the FBI investigation. A clip of Attorney General John Ashcroft speaking at a press conference features information about the investigation so far. In another clip, FBI Director Robert Muller covers the same topic. A final clip features counter terrorism expert Juliette Kayyem of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Kayyem talks about finding proof of who carried out these attacks and where to go from there. Reporter Clark Boyd describes the clean-up and rescue work going on in lower Manhattan. Another correspondent gives a full report on the state of worldwide markets in the wake of the attacks. Mullins invites listeners to call the station with thoughts about the attacks. A reporter describes the scene in Washington, D.C. following the attack on the Pentagon. Mullins interviews Bob Minetti, whose son was a victim of the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Minetti speaks with Mullins about flaws in airport security in the United States. He also relates his feelings on dealing with the loss of his son. Different reporters cover the following news stories: Ashcroft's recent statements on the hijackers and their plans; NATO's support of the United States; the evacuation of foreign staff from Afghanistan due to fear of a U.S. attack; and the current chaotic state of air traffic around the world. Correspondent Richard Engel reports on the feelings of empathy many Palestinians and Israelis have for the U.S. A Palestinian professor explains why some Palestinians have been celebrating the attacks, and a Palestinian public opinion expert based in Jerusalem says he doesn't think the majority of Palestinians are in a celebratory mood. Engel goes on to describe the way Israeli and Palestinian leaders have responded to the attacks on the U.S. Then correspondent Patrick Cox states, there has been nearly unanimous international condemnation of the attacks. Cox also reports that foreigners are leaving Afghanistan for fear of a U.S. attack and reports that Osama bin Laden has denied having anything to do with the hijackings. Cambridge University's George Joffe, an expert on the Middle East, speaks with Mullins about bin Laden's possible culpability. Joffe also talks about everything that was necessary to carry out these attacks. Reporter Sarah Chase, speaking from NATO headquarters in Brussels, reports on the invocation of the mutual defense portion of NATO's founding treaty. Reverend Steven Rettemeyer, the pastor at the American Church in London, describes the overwhelming support they've received since the attacks and describes the service that will be held at the church tonight.


  • NETWORK: PRI Public Radio International
  • DATE: September 12, 2001 Wednesdasy 4:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:57:29
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  • CATALOG ID: R:24756
  • GENRE: Radio - News
  • SUBJECT HEADING: September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001
  • SERIES RUN: WGBH (Boston) - Radio series, 1996-


    • Lisa Mullins … Host
    • Clark Boyd … Reporter
    • Sarah Chase … Reporter
    • Patrick Cox … Reporter
    • Richard Engel … Reporter
    • Jeb Sharp … Reporter
    • John Ashcroft
    • bin Laden, Osama
    • George W. Bush
    • George Joffe
    • Juliette Kayyem
    • Bob Minetti
    • Robert Muller
    • Steven Rettemeyer