One in this series that focuses on the effect of government decisions and news stories on black Americans. This episode was aired in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Host Randall Pinkston introduces the first guest, Congressman Bobby Scott (D-Va.), and this week's panel: Brenda Wilson of National Public Radio and DeWayne Wickham of Gannett News Service. Scott talks about constitutional rights and civil liberties issues that are coming up since September 11 and related legislation in Congress. He also talks about the definition of terrorism. Scott is replaced by another guest, former FBI agent Dr. Tyrone Powers. Powers discusses the threat of biochemical warfare and growing capabilities among foreign terrorists. Powers explains that, even now, there is no commonly accepted definition for terrorism. Then he talks about issues surrounding the use of informants. Lastly, Powers reflects on whether the intelligence community deserves criticism for the work they did before the terrorist attacks. Pinkston reports that a Gallup poll has shown that most people -- including blacks -- approve of racially profiling Arabs in the airport. A final guest, Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune, shares his reaction to these poll results, as does the rest of the panel.


  • DATE: October 7, 2001 Sunday 11:00 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:21:59
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:70971
  • GENRE: Talk/Interviews
  • SUBJECT HEADING: African-American Collection - News/Talk
  • SERIES RUN: BET - TV series


    • Randall Pinkston … Host
    • George Curry … Guest
    • Alcee Hastings … Guest
    • Clarence Page … Guest
    • Togo West … Guest
    • DeWayne Wickham … Guest