This program presents a portion of coverage of the 1992 Summer Games of the XXV Olympiad from Barcelona. Highlights of this portion include coverage of the following events and topics:

Anchor sports commentator Bob Costas presides throughout this portion and introduces various events and highlights.

Sports commentators Chris Marlowe and Paul Sunderland provide coverage of the women's volleyball quarterfinal match between the USA and the Netherlands: the USA wins the first game 15-11.

Sports commentator (unidentified in this portion) highlights Olympic equestrian rider Michael Matz (USA) and his brush with death during a crash landing of his flight to Sioux City, Iowa.

Sports commentators Terry Leibel and Robert Ridland provide coverage of the second round of equestrian team jumping, featuring performances by Matz (USA), Thomas Fruhmann (Austria), and Jos Lansink (Netherlands). The Netherlands win the gold medal with a score of 12.00, Austria wins the silver medal with a score of 16.75, and France wins the bronze medal with a score of 24.75.

Costas covers the medal ceremony for men's platform diving: Sun Shuwei (China) receives the gold medal, Scott Donie (USA) receives the silver medal, and Kiong Ni (China) recieves the bronze medal.

Marlowe and Sunderland provide coverage of game three of the women's volleyball match between the USA and the Netherlands; coverage begins with team USA leading 5-1.

Sports commentator Todd Christensen provides coverage of men's heavyweight weightlifting: Aleksandr Kurlovich (Unified Team) wins the gold medal, Leonid Taranenko (Unified Team) wins the silver medal, Manfred Nerlinger (Germany) wins the bronze medal, and Ernesto Aguero (Cuba) finishes in fourth place.

Costas highlights the life of Soviet Union weightlifter Leonid Taranenko (Unified Team) and his journey to the 1992 Games after winning a gold medal in the 1980 Olympic Summer Games in Moscow.

Sports commentator Ahmad Rashad highlights upcoming coverage of Olympic events.

Notabel commercials and/or promos include the following: Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, and Chris Mullin for McDonald's.


  • DATE: August 4, 1992
  • RUNNING TIME: 01:01:00
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: 112201
  • GENRE: Sports
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Diving, 10m platform men; Equestrian Jumping, team mixed; Olympic Games, 1992, Summer, Barcelona; Olympics; Sports; U.S. Olympic Archive, presented by Gordon Crawford, The; Volleyball, volleyball women; Weightlifting, Over 105kg men
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - MCI^TV - Commercials - McDonald's^TV - Commercials - Coca-Cola^TV - Commercials - PPG^TV - Commercials - Cadillac^TV - Commercials - JCPenney


  • Bob Costas … Anchor Sports Commentator
  • Paul Sunderland … Sports Commentator
  • Chris Marlowe … Sports Commentator
  • Robert Ridland … Sports Commentator
  • Ahmad Rashad … Sports Commentator
  • Todd Christensen … Sports Commentator
  • Terry Leibel … Sports Commentator
  • Michael Matz … Athlete
  • Thomas Fruhmann … Athlete
  • Jos Lansink … Athlete
  • Shuwei Sun … Athlete
  • Scott Donie … Athlete
  • Kiong Ni … Athlete
  • Aleksandr Kurlovich … Athlete
  • Leonid Taranenko … Athlete
  • Manfred Nerlinger … Athlete
  • Ernesto Aguero … Athlete
  • Michael Jordan … Talent, McDonald's Commercial
  • Patrick Ewing … Talent, McDonald's Commercial
  • Chris Mullin … Talent, McDonald's Commercial
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