One in this series of news magazine programs. This installment presents three segments and a commentary by Andy Rooney. In the first segment, "Three Days in Beirut," Mike Wallace goes to Lebanon to interview retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cowan, who is heading up an investigation of the terrorist attacks against Americans during the 1980s. Cowan believes that Syria, and therefore Syrian President Hafas Assad, knew about and helped organize many of the attacks, including the bombing of the United States Embassy, the kidnapping of Terry Anderson, and the kidnapping and murder of William Buckley. Wallace then questions three leaders of the Hesballah, or "Party of God," the terrorist army that controls the southern portion of Beirut, who deny any involvement in the attacks. In the next segment, "My Name Is Tonya Harding," Steve Kroft takes a look at a 1986 Yale Univesity student film, "Sharp Edges," which chronicles the life of skater Tonya Harding to age 15. Through interviews with Harding, her mother, and her coach, the film exposes the physical abuse and financial hardship the athelete had to overcome to "turn a tough little duckling into a swan." In the third segment, "Getting Rich," Lesley Stahl speaks with three men who became multimillionaires by blowing the whistle on the illegal practices of their employers. She then examines the False Claims Act, which allows citizens to sue swindlers on behalf of the Federal government and then keep a percentage of any money the government may receive. Also known as the Lincoln law, the False Claims Act was originally set up to stop profiteering during the Civil War. As the program concludes, Andy Rooney comments on the five living past presidents and the influence that the media have had on their legacies. Commercials deleted but black spaces remain.

Cataloging of this program has been made possible by the Bell Atlantic Foundation, 2000.


  • DATE: January 16, 1994 Sunday 7:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:46:30
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:33297
  • GENRE: News magazine
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Bills, Legislative - U S
  • SERIES RUN: CBS - TV series, 1968-


    • Don Hewitt … Executive Producer
    • Philip Scheffler … Producer, Senior Producer
    • Merri Lieberthal … Producer
    • Lowell Bergman … Producer, For "Beirut" segment, Writer
    • Sandra Luckow … Producer, For "Tonya" segment
    • L. Franklin Devine … Producer, For "Tonya" segment, Writer
    • Radliffe, Harry A., II … Producer, For "Tonya" segment, Writer
    • Howard L. Rosenberg … Producer, For "Getting Rich" segment, Wrtiter
    • Jane Bradford … Associate Producer, For "Rooney" segment
    • Andy Court … Associate Producer, For "Tonya" segment
    • Deborah DeLuca … Associate Producer, For "Beirut" segment
    • Jim Hougan … Associate Producer, For "Beirut" segment
    • Karen Jaffe … Associate Producer, For "Getting Rich" segment
    • Claudia Weinstein … Associate Producer, For "Tonya" segment
    • Arthur Bloom … Director
    • Andy Rooney … Commentator
    • Ed Bradley … Reporter
    • Steve Kroft … Reporter
    • Lesley Stahl … Reporter
    • Mike Wallace … Reporter
    • Terry Anderson
    • Hafas Assad
    • William Buckley
    • George Bush
    • Jimmy Carter Carter
    • Bill Clinton
    • Bill Cowan
    • Gerald Ford
    • Tonya Harding
    • Richard Nixon
    • Ronald Reagan