One in this drama series about the California-based Walker family, an adult clan of siblings trying to live up to their parents' lofty expectations after the death of the family patriarch.

In this episode, Robert continues campaigning for president with Travis. However, he gets flustered upon learning that Sophie is flying in that afternoon, a week earlier than planned. Elsewhere, Holly urges Rebecca to tell Nora that Justin is back on drugs. Rebecca then makes a luncheon date with Justin at the Walker home. When Justin arrives, he finds the entire family has gathered for his intervention.

An incensed Justin strikes out at Nora, Saul, Kevin, Sarah, Holly, and Rebecca before Kitty finally gets through to him. Justin later admits to popping pain medication only for the high it provides. Saul tracks down Tommy at Lena's apartment and makes her send Tommy to Justin's aid. Back on the campaign trail, Robert finds out startling revelations about Sophie, and realizes that he's been a poor father.

Despite Kitty and Kevin's doubts, Nora agrees to let Justin attempt detox in her home. While searching Justin's room for drugs, Saul refuses to admit his homosexuality to Kevin. Before hastily leaving the house, Saul confronts Tommy about his sexual relationship with Lena. When Kevin follows suit, Tommy turns the tables by questioning Kevin's "slumber party" with Scotty.

Sophie soon tells Robert that she's uncomfortable about him having children with Kitty. As Robert begins to respond, he hears that one of his campaign contributors is behind a Ponzi scheme. Meanwhile, Justin continues to get sick during withdrawal, even as Kevin and Tommy monitor his progress. When Justin insists on going outside, Nora lays down the law to him.

Robert finds problems caused by his campaign staff's negligence, prompting him to have Travis fire the entire team. The next morning, Saul apologizes to Nora for running out the night before, then admits that he's gay. Nora's confused reaction is interrupted when Kevin enters the room, at which point Saul leaves.

When Robert returns home to Kitty, she says that she wants to marry now and have a child, which may help her get past the miscarriage. Elsewhere, Tommy tells Lena that he's going back to his family, but that he won't make it difficult for her at work. As Kevin returns to his empty apartment looking for Scotty, an improved Justin seeks out Nora. She's happy about his progress, but says she's been holding him back and that things have to change between them. Includes commercials.


  • DATE: November 11, 2007 Sunday 10:01 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:57:02
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: B:93149
  • GENRE: Drama
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 2006-2011
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - "Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium" motion picture^TV - Commercials - Walmart department stores^TV - Commercials - Domino's pizza^TV - Commercials - Lexus automobiles^TV - Commercials - AT&T network^TV - Commercials - SoniCare toothbrushes^TV - Commercials - Hallmark cards^TV - Commercials - Verizon Wireless network^TV - Commercials - J.C. Penney department stores^TV - Commercials - Citi banks^TV - Commercials - Hyundai automobiles^TV - Commercials - CVS pharmacies^TV - Commercials - "Love in the Time of Cholera" motion picture^TV - Commercials - The UPS Store shipping^TV - Commercials - "Shrek the Third" DVD^TV - Commercials - Kay Jewelers diamonds^TV - Commercials - Macy's department stores^TV - Commercials - Ruby Tuesday restaurants^TV - Commercials - Dodge automobiles^TV - Commercials - environmental protection agency^TV - Commercials - ad council^TV - Commercials - aid^TV - Commercials - Girls and Boys Town National Hotline ^TV - Commercials - Target department stores^TV - Commercials - "August Rush" motion picture^TV - Commercials - Crest Whitestrips dental aid^TV - Commercials - Cadillac automobiles^TV - Promos - "Dancing with the Stars"^TV - Promos - "Samantha Who?"^TV - Promos - "Pushing Daisies"^TV - Promos - "Private Practice"^TV - Promos - "Dirty Sexy Money"^TV - Promos - "American Music Awards"^TV - Promos - "Women's Murder Club"^TV - Promos - "Notes from the Underbelly^TV - Promos - "The Bachelor"


  • Greg Berlanti … Executive Producer
  • Ken Olin … Executive Producer
  • Mark B. Perry … Executive Producer
  • Jon Robin Baitz … Executive Producer, Created by
  • Jennifer Cecil … Co-Executive Producer
  • Monica Owusu-Breen … Co-Executive Producer
  • Alison Schapker … Co-Executive Producer
  • Sarah Caplan … Co-Executive Producer
  • Molly Newman … Co-Executive Producer, Writer
  • Michael Morris … Supervising Producer
  • Liz Tigelaar … Producer
  • Sherri Cooper-Landsman … Producer
  • David Marshall Grant … Producer, Writer
  • Nicole Carrasco … Co-Producer
  • Suzanne C. Geiger … Co-Producer
  • Jennifer Lence … Co-Producer
  • Linda "Sparky" Hawes … Associate Producer
  • Stephen Judge … Co-Producer
  • David Paymer … Director
  • Blake Neely … Music by
  • Dave Annable … Cast, Justin Walker
  • Maxwell Perry Cotton … Cast, Cooper Whedon
  • Kerris Lilla Dorsey … Cast, Paige Whedon
  • Sally Field … Cast, Nora Walker
  • Calista Flockhart … Cast, Kitty Walker
  • Balthazar Getty … Cast, Tommy Walker
  • Rachel Griffiths … Cast, Sarah Walker
  • Rob Lowe … Cast, Robert McCallister
  • Sarah Jane Morris … Cast, Julia Walker
  • Matthew Rhys … Cast, Kevin Walker
  • Ron Rifkin … Cast, Saul Walker
  • Emily VanCamp … Cast, Rebecca Harper
  • Patricia Wettig … Cast, Holly Harper
  • Emily Rose … Cast, Lena Branigan
  • Denis O'Hare … Cast, Travis March
  • Ned Bellamy … Cast, Cutler Weeks
  • Justine Dorsey … Cast, Sophie McCallister
  • Martha Boles … Cast, Melanie Cox
  • Eric Gavika … Cast, Drug Dealer
  • Joseph Kim … Cast, Phil