One in this dramatic series chronicling the love affairs of two American girls living in Beijing who become involved with the inhabitants of a traditional Chinese courtyard. In this episode, pedicab driver Qingzi tries unsuccessfully to stop Robert, who has come to the teahouse to look for Louise. Encouraged by Jessie and Qingzi, Tianliang embraces Louise in front of Robert, hoping that Robert will leave in embarrassment. Robert asks Tianliang for a private conversation, but the two get into a fight as Robert accuses Tianliang of making up to Louise only to go to America. In the meantime, at a family dinner, Tianliang's father Mr. Li expresses his opposition to Tianliang's involvement with Louise; he believes it is not appropriate for a Chinese man to marry a foreign girl. At the police station, where Tianliang and Robert have been taken after their fight, Qingzi and Jessie try to explain to the police what happened, but the police insist that they have to hold the two young men for at least twenty-four hours. Louise tells the police that she is the cause of the fight, declaring herself Tianliang's fiancŽe -- a statement that shocks the young man's parents when they overhear it through the window. To everyone's surprise, Robert explains to the police that he and Tianliang were not fighting but rather discussing martial arts. He then congratulates Tianliang on his love with Louise. The police are confused but have to let the young men leave. Back home, Tianliang gets into an argument with his father about Louise. The next day in Jingshan Park, Louise and Tianliang talk about their future. Tianliang worries that Louise will be unable to adapt to the simple life in the courtyard. She insists that she wants to marry him -- not the courtyard or his family. In the meantime, Tianliang's brother Tianming, a travel agent, comes to the foreign students' dormitory to try to persuade Jessie and other students to join his company's tour of Beijing. Jessie, who is thinking of finding herself a Chinese boyfriend, is pleased to exchange phone numbers with Tianming. In the courtyard, Louise is teaching Tianliang English in his room. The episode ends as Mr. Li overhears the pair say, "I love you," to each other in English.

(This program is in Mandarin Chinese.)

Cataloging of this program was made possible by Sun TV, 2003.


  • NETWORK: CCTV (China)
  • DATE: 1996
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:47:21
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:70252
  • GENRE: Drama, night-time serial
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Drama, night-time serial - China
  • SERIES RUN: CCTV (China) - TV series, 1996


  • Wu Biao … Supervising Producer, Chief Supervising Producer
  • Wang Wanbing … Supervising Producer
  • Xuan Guoyi … Supervising Producer
  • Liu Tong … Producer, Created by
  • Lu Li … Producer, Created by
  • Song Zhenshan … Producer
  • Zhang Zhe … Production (Misc.)
  • Zhou Wei … Production (Misc.)
  • Sun Ying … Production (Misc.), Production Manager
  • Liu Jizong … Production (Misc.), Production Manager
  • Wang Binlin … Director, Chief Director
  • Li Jiangxin … Director
  • Xu Qiaonan … Direction (Misc.), Executive Director
  • Feng Huanzhong … Direction (Misc.), Assistant Director
  • Tang Xiaohui … Created by
  • Jian Jia … Writer
  • Li Weihai … Writer
  • Guo Feng … Composer, Lyricist, Singer
  • Liang Yanling … Singer
  • Kalin (transliterated) … Cast, Louise
  • Du Ruiqiu (transliterated) (Rachel DeWoskin) … Cast, Jessie
  • Chen Yude … Cast, Mr. Li
  • Ding Yi … Cast, Mrs. Li
  • Liu Tao … Cast, Li Tianliang
  • Ye Hui … Cast, Li Tianming
  • Elina (transliterated) … Cast, Nadia
  • Yijiyuan Shizi (transliterated) … Cast, Zhizi (transliterated)
  • Liang Qinggang … Cast, Mr. Lu
  • David Wei … Cast, Robert
  • Li Nan … Cast, Lu Xiaoqing
  • Chen Peng … Cast, Du Lianhuang
  • Li Jing … Cast, Qin Fen
  • Andre … Cast, Jack
  • Zhong Aizhen … Cast, Jisi (transliterated)
  • Gina (transliterated) … Cast, Carrie
  • Fu Xiaona … Cast, Ji Suhong
  • Walide (transliterated) … Cast, David
  • Feng Xiangru … Cast, Mrs. Ji
  • Liu Tong … Cast, Manager Han
  • Tang Xiaohui … Cast, Woman Teacher
  • Liu Xuan … Cast, Xiaohu