One of this series of Disney movies presented under the umbrella title "The Wonderful World of Disney." Part three in this three-part miniseries, based on the children's books series by James Gurney, about a utopian world where humans and dinosaurs co-exist peacefully. The narrative begins with Oonu reporting to Mayor Waldo and the senate that outer settlements have been evacuated and that large-scale attacks are being mounted by pteranodons and tyrannosauruses. Oonu thinks that all the citizens of Dinotopia have to take to the safety of Waterfall City. Zippo believes they should finally go to the world beneath to find new sun stones, though Mayor Waldo dismisses the idea. Later, a sea of refugees arrive in Waterfall City. Then, Karl notices something interesting on the ancient scroll, the location of a possible entrance to the world beneath. Marion thinks it's time they go back to the temple and try to find sun stones. Thus, Marion, David, and Karl head out. Cyrus thinks they have no chance of locating the entrance. He suggest "a safer way," but Karl is disinterested, angry at Cyrus for having sabotaged his boat. En route to the temple, Marion asks Karl if he truly stole a sun stone from the hatchery, while he wonders how she could get so close to David during his skybax training. Eventually, the three discover a bubbling fountain within the dark cave in the swamp. David and Marion think they should leave the eerie area, but Karl isn't so sure -- until he awakens a nest of pteranodons. Escaping, the three run into Oonu, who arrests David and Karl for their actions. Marion is shocked to learn that it was Mayor Waldo who issued the order. The two prisoners are brought in front of a court and accused of twenty-two violations that have caused disruption in Dinotopia. Mayor Waldo is most angry that a sun stone was stolen, an escape attempt was made, and the pteranodon swarm guarding the temple was woken up. Zippo acts as their lawyer, and Oonu testifies as a character witness in David's favor. Rosemary also testifies for the two boys, thinking they can teach the other Dinotopians a thing or two. As Mayor Waldo and Rosemary spar over dinner, Marion tells her father that at least David and Karl are trying to find a solution to the sun stone problem. Then, the lights go out as the primary sun stone momentarily falters. Meanwhile, Zippo tries to console David and Karl, now under house arrest. The next day, David and Karl are asked to make final statements and, against Zippo's judgment, Karl makes a provocative plea, claiming that his brother is needed for the skybax corps. Eventually, the court reaches a judgment -- Karl and David are allowed to continue their studies in Waterfall City. However, Twenty-Six is to be taken away from Karl, highly upsetting him as he has grown attached to the baby chasmosaurus. Then, Cyrus pays the boys a secret visit, claiming he can help them. After twenty years, he has almost all the pieces to finally make his way to the sun stone cave and out of Dinotopia. Cyrus talks of Arthur Denison and his father, Lee Crabb, who were able to make it to the world beneath and then safely return. Then, David, Karl, Marion, and Zippo attempt to find one more important piece in the puzzle -- the map of the caves, contained in Arthur Denison's journal. Finally, after drugging the guards and searching all night, David locates it. Then, Mayor Waldo and his men come after the four. They flee, but Zippo is too scared to go near the water after his near-drowning. Under the others' urging, Zippo helps them secure the escape boat left for them by Cyrus. They ride through the cargo chute, zipping through the water and eventually winding up safe at the bottom of Waterfall City. From there, they ride the current to a dock where they meet up with Cyrus at his father's storehouse. Then, Cyrus shows David, Karl, Marion, and Zippo his "pride and joy," Arthur Denison's submersible. They board the antiquated ship, but Cyrus needs a sun stone to fire up the craft. None work, however, until Cyrus realizes that the sun stone necklace given to Marion by her grandmother is the perfect size. Then, Cyrus, David, and Karl take the craft under water, leaving Marion and Zippo behind as they head for the world beneath. Meanwhile, the prime sun stone in Waterfall City begins failing, exciting the pteranodons as they fly toward the capital. Later, Romana delivers a dire warning to Mayor Waldo, stating that the pteranodons will attack Waterfall City within twelve hours. Mayor Waldo remains worried that Dinotopia and all its citizens will perish if the prime sun stone disappears. He asks his daughter to say a public prayer and show everyone her flawless sun stone to give them hope. However, she must admit that she has already given the stone to Cyrus, upsetting her father. While headed to the world beneath, Cyrus's craft passes Frank's submerged plane. Surprisingly, David and Karl's father is nowhere to be seen. Afterward, Cyrus propels the boat through the small entrance and into the world beneath. There, they see bizarre sculptures of half-man/half-dinosaur figures, meant to symbolize a bonding between the different "creatures." Carved into solid rock, they also discover Dinotopia's eleventh code: Find the light. They follow the journal's writings, trying to walk in the trailblazer's path. They find further histories of the world beneath before locating some sun stone fragments. Moving on, Cyrus insists on not following the actual instructions to head north but instead forces David and Karl to take another path. Soon enough, they have found a crack of white light. Crawling toward it, the three end up in a bright cave, exciting Cyrus. David realizes that the meteor that hit the earth and killed the dinosaurs is the sun stone cave in which they currently stand. Meanwhile, Zippo and Marion worry that the end is nigh. Marion pledges herself to be Zippo's truest friend. Exiting with their trove of sun stones, Cyrus, David, and Karl reboard the submersible. However, it is now too heavy to move and thus Cyrus reveals his plan to leave the two boys behind. He uses blunt force and a sword to try and defeat them. Just as he is about to win, Frank appears to rescue his sons. However, Cyrus fires his gun and grazes Karl's leg. Cyrus then makes his departure, leaving the Scotts stranded. Frank reveals to his sons how he was able to escape being drowned and make it to the world beneath. He notices that David and Karl have changed quite a bit since he last saw them. Meanwhile, Cyrus's ship breaks down since Karl swiped its source of power, Marion's necklace. Cyrus is unable to find another stone able to keep the ship running, at which point an angry sea dinosaur hits the sub and starts a leak. Returning for a second assault, the monster swallows the sub, and Cyrus. With Cyrus dead and the submersible destroyed, the Scotts must figure another way to escape. Back in Waterfall City, pteranodons swoop onto the streets, carrying away some citizens and sending all others into panic. Sensing the horror above, Karl insists that there must be another way out and eventually finds one, courtesy of the bubbling fountain that they found earlier with Marion. However, Frank is too scared to go in the water again, wanting his boys to leave him behind. They refuse, and soon all three Scotts jump into the well which leads up to the fountain, swimming to safety through the gateway. Later, the men run into Freefall and David goes to him, leaving his father and brother and quickly flying back to Waterfall City with a sun stone. Upon his arrival, David flies through a swarm of angry pteranodons before Marion sees him. He drops the sun stone to her, which she attempts to place in the tower. However, when she's knocked out by a rampaging bird, Zippo completes the task and brings light back to the city. With Waterfall City safe once again, David and Freefall are honored for their heroism and inducted into the skybax. Now, David wishes to locate his father and brother, who seem to be missing. However, just then, the Scotts are led by a procession into town. Marion is elated to see Karl, who introduces his father to the Dinotopians, and Twenty-Six. Then, Karl presents the town with a truck full of sun stones and declares that the gateway to the world beneath is now open again, with Dinotopians having "found the light." Includes commercials.


  • DATE: May 14, 2002 Tuesday 8:00 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:57:37
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:71371
  • GENRE: Drama, fantasy/science fiction
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Dinosaurs
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1997-2008
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Energizer batteries^TV - Commercials - Kodak photographs^TV - Commercials - Kraft cheese & macaroni^TV - Commercials - Kia automobiles^TV - Commercials - Lowe's stores^TV - Commercials - Bank of America banking^TV - Commercials - Electrasol dishwashing cleaner^TV - Commercials - Clarinex allergy medication^TV - Commercials - "Snow Dogs" home video^TV - Commercials - Quaker Oats Quakes rice snacks^TV - Commercials - Swiffer Wetjet mops^TV - Commercials - Braun Oral-B toothbrushes^TV - Commercials - Dove deodorant^TV - Commercials - K-Mart stores^TV - Commercials - State Farm insurance^TV - Commercials - Aveeno moisturizer^TV - Commercials - "Oliver & Company" home video^TV - Commercials - Pantene hair care^TV - Commercials - Mitsubishi automobiles^TV - Commercials - Frontline Plus flea and tick prevention^TV - Commercials - Olay skin care^TV - Commercials - Gatorade energy drink^TV - Commercials - Band-Aid antiseptic wash^TV - Commercials - Scott bathroom tissue^TV - Commercials - Wal-Mart stores^TV - Commercials - Reese's Fast Break candy bars^TV - Commercials - Walt Disney theme parks^TV - Commercials - California Department of Consumer AffairsTV - Commercials - Volvo automobiles^TV - Commercials - Neutrogena body lotion^TV - Commercials - Oral B toothbrushes^TV - Commercials - Veet hot wax aquasystem^TV - Commercials - Lipton side dishes^TV - Commercials - L'Oreal hair color^TV - Commercials - Ford automobiles^TV - Commercials - "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" home video^TV - Commercials - Sears stores^TV - Commercials - Tylenol P.M. sleep aid^TV - Commercials - Hyundai automobiles^TV - Commercials - Pedigree Little Champions dog food^TV - Commercials - UPS shipping^TV - Promos - "The Wonderful World of Disney: Dinosaur"^TV - Promos - "My Wife & Kids"^TV - Promos - "According to Jim"^TV - Promos - "The Drew Carey Show"^TV - Promos - "NYPD Blue"^TV - Promos - "Primetime"^TV - Promos - "The Practice"^TV - Promos - "That's Incredible! The Reunion"^TV - Promos - "Eyewitness News"^TV - Promos - "20/20"^TV - Promos - "David Blaine's Vertigo"^TV - Promos - "Dinotopia: The Series"^TV - Promos - "World News Tonight With Peter Jennings"


  • Robert Halmi … Executive Producer
  • Robert Halmi … Executive Producer
  • Howard Ellis … Supervising Producer
  • William P. Cartlidge … Producer
  • Dusty Symonds … Producer
  • James Gurney … Co-Producer, Based on Dinotopia Books by
  • Michael S. Stone … Co-Producer
  • Seth M. Siegel … Co-Producer
  • Scott Usher … Co-Producer
  • Chris Harrald … Associate Producer
  • Fiona Walkinshaw … VFX Producer
  • Nikki Penny … VFX Producer
  • Tim Keene … VFX Line Producer
  • Lucy Killick … VFX Line Producer
  • Charlie Bradbury … CGI Line Producer
  • Marco Brambilla … Director
  • Simon Moore … Writer
  • Trevor Jones … Music by
  • David Thewlis … Cast, Cyrus Crabb
  • Katie Carr … Cast, Marion Waldo
  • Jim Carter … Cast, Mayor Waldo
  • Alice Krige … Cast, Rosemary Waldo
  • Tyron Leitso … Cast, Karl Scott
  • Wentworth Miller … Cast, David Scott
  • Colin Salmon … Cast, Oonu
  • Hannah Yelland … Cast, Romana Denison
  • Stuart Wilson … Cast, Frank Scott
  • Anna Maguire … Cast, Samantha Waldo
  • Geraldine Chaplin … Cast, Oriana
  • Ross Mullen … Cast, Zippo Stand In
  • Lee Evans … Cast, Voice of Zippo
  • Terry Jones … Cast, Voice of Messenger Bird