One in this series of musical/variety programs concerning the management and guests at a New York Park Avenue hotel which conveniently sports a Packard automobile showroom right off the lobby. Edward Everett Horton stars as the hotel's harried manager. This program opens with the chorus singing the show's theme song about the pleasures of Holiday Hotel. Next, the bellhops, chefs and other hotel staff members perform a dance routine in preparation for a general inspection. Then the hotel manager, Mr. Dabney, and his assistant Miss Ogilby inspect the staff. Dabney confesses that he is nervous because today will be the first time he will meet the owner of hotel, Mr. Holiday, who is coming to speak at the meeting of the North American Genealogical Society. Miss Ogilby runs off to pick up the Mr. Holiday's trousers at the tailors. Dabney then meets a man who claims to be Mr. Holiday and Miss Ogilby is waylaid by announcer Alexander Gray, who does a commercial for the new 1950 Packard. In the hotel's Gold Room Bill Harrington sings "It Isn't Fair for Her to Taunt Me....If It's Just for Today," Betty Brewer sings, "Don't Cry Joe, (Let Her Go)." and together they sing Irving Berlin's "Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk." Next at the Genealogical Society meeting Dabney introduces "Mr. Holiday," who makes a very long-winded non-sensical speech. Dabney offers to take "Mr. Holiday" on a tour of the hotel but he prefers to see the bar. Meanwhile, in a dramatic interlude, newlywed Jeff Dawson, enters the hotel lobby where he meets his wife Connie. He complains that she is all dressed up and becomes jealous when she introduces him to photographer Pete Corell, whom she used to work with at the agency. An argument ensues about their marriage. Connie suggests they must be prepared to take risks and trust each other. Next, Mr. Dabney introduces "Mr. Holiday" to Mr. Gray who goes into another Packard commercial. Then "Mr. Holiday" requests a little cash from Dabney. Miss Ogilby enters with Mr. Holiday's trousers and informs Dabney that the man he thought was Holiday was just an imposter. Next, they all retire to the Pelican Room for the elaborate song and dance revue, a contemporary retelling of "Frankie and Johnny," with a unique twist starring Betty Brewer, Bill Harrington and dancers Donald Saddler and June Graham. Later in the hotel lobby, Dabney learns that the police have caught a man sneaking out the back way without his trousers -- the real Mr. Holiday. Includes commercials. (The series ran from March to September 1950 with Edward Everett Horton as the host/hotel manager. Don Ameche assumed that role in September 1950, and in July 1951, the hotel motif was dropped and the title was changed to "Don Ameche's Musical Playhouse.")


  • DATE: March 30, 1950 Thursday 9:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 0:32:00
  • COLOR/B&W: B&W
  • CATALOG ID: B:15186
  • GENRE: Comedy
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1950-1951
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Commercials - Packard with ultramatic drive automobiles^TV - Commercials - Packard-8 automobiles


    • Monte Proser … Producer
    • Charles Holden … Production (Misc.), ABC Production Manager
    • Preston Wood … Director
    • Edward Duryea Dowling … Direction (Misc.), Staged by
    • Thomas Adair … Writer, Lyricist, Lyrics to "Frankie and Johnny" by
    • Donald Saddler … Choreographer
    • Gordon Jenkins … Music by, Music to "Frankie and Johnny" revue by
    • Bernard Green … Music (Misc. Credits), Musical Director
    • Bob Lenn's Singers … Choir/Chorus
    • Horton, Edward Everette (See also: Horton, Edward Everett) … Host, Cast, J. Allerdyce Dabney
    • Alexander Gray … Announcer
    • Bill Harrington … Performer, Singer
    • Betty Brewer … Performer, Singer
    • Donald Saddler … Performer, Dancer
    • June Graham … Performer, Dancer
    • Audrey Peter … Performer, Dancer
    • Lenore Lonergan … Cast, Miss Ogilvy
    • David Burns … Cast, the false Mr. Holiday
    • Sarah Churchill … Cast, Connie Dawson
    • Conover Girls, The … Cast