In this news special for children hosted by Peter Jennings and broadcast from the East Room of the White House, President Bill Clinton answers personal and issue-oriented questions from a group of children from various parts of the country, ages eight to fifteen. The program begins with Jennings visiting Clinton in the Oval Office, where the new president gives a brief tour of the various works of art furnishing the room. Jennings and Clinton then join the children in the East Room, where their questions lead to his comments on the following topics, among others: whether he helps his daughter Chelsea with her homework; what he plans to do to encourage business growth in areas devastated by the Los Angeles riots; how his health care plan will be financed; why he wanted to become president; if he is comfortable in such a formal residence; what the Clinton family does for recreation; whether his focus will be foreign affairs or domestic issues; how it feels to be president; what kind of student he was in grammar school; his initiative to control violence in schools; his feelings about home schooling; whether he and the First Lady ever cook for themselves; an explanation of the Brady Bill; gays in the military; his plans to control pollution in U.S.; how health care will address people suffering from environmentally-caused illnesses; plans to help house the homeless; the nation's drug problem; the issue of the livelihood of Northwest loggers versus the protection of the spotted owl; whether money spent on AIDS research will be increased; whether he pays for his food when he goes to McDonald's; nutritional labelling and fast food; how children can help the president achieve his goals; and parental child support enforcement. Other highlights include the following: Chelsea Clinton, carrying the family cat "Socks," joins her father briefly and answers questions about the first feline and whether the Secret Service goes to school with her; a short film starring Jaleel White as his "Steve Urkel" character from the television series "Family Matters," depicts the adenoidal youth's efforts to get a clean air bill passed -- with some help along the way from House Speaker Thomas S. Foley and Senate Minority Leader Bob Dole; and brief background videos about some of the children who ask questions, including a boy with AIDS and a girl who lives with her family in a homeless shelter. Includes promos and public service announcements.


  • DATE: February 20, 1993 Saturday 11:30 AM
  • RUNNING TIME: 1:58:21
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:28884
  • GENRE: Children's programs
  • SUBJECT HEADING: Children's programs
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV, 1993
  • COMMERCIALS: TV - Promos - "America's Funniest Home Videos"^TV - PSA - NYNEX communications ("Talk with your children")


  • For "President Clinton: Answering Children's Questions":
  • Patrick Roddy … Executive Producer
  • Carolyn Everett Simmons … Senior Coordinating Producer
  • Carol Williams … Senior Broadcast Producer
  • Carrie Cook … Senior Editorial Producer
  • Mary Gabriel … Operations Producer
  • Steve Hirsh … Operations Producer
  • Phyllis Amdurer … Guest Producer
  • Carobel Calhoun Daniel … Guest Producer
  • Susan Sigel-Teboul … Guest Producer
  • Christine Colvin … Producer, Writer, White House liaison
  • Michael Clemente … Producer
  • Nancy Gabriner … Producer
  • John Kennedy … Producer
  • Susan Israel … Producer
  • Rhoda Lipton … Producer, Opening montage created by
  • Veronica Gambon … Associate Producer, Opening montage created by
  • Pam Abel … Associate Producer
  • Janet Boyle … Associate Producer
  • Barbara Friedman … Associate Producer
  • Amy Osadjan … Associate Producer
  • Deirdre Michalopoulos … Associate Producer
  • George Paul … Director
  • Wendy Miller … Researcher
  • Brett Holey … Opening montage created by
  • Robert Kerr … Opening montage created by
  • Barry Gingold … Opening montage created by
  • Marcial Gomez … Opening montage created by
  • Ashley Howe … Opening montage created by
  • Smith R T … Opening montage created by
  • Peter Jennings … Senior Editor, Host, Moderator
  • Bill Clinton … Guest
  • Chelsea Clinton … Guest
  • Socks (cat)
  • For "A Bill Becomes a Law":
  • Rick Wilkinson … Senior Producer
  • Gary Menteer … Producer, Writer
  • Jaleel White … Cast, Steve Urkel
  • Dole, Bob (See also: Dole, Robert)
  • Thomas S. Foley
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