One in this series of sports programs. The 1999 Women's World Cup soccer final between China and The United States is broadcast live from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and hosted by Robin Roberts. During the pre-show, Rob Stone reports on the temperament of the crowd; Chris McKendry talks about the excitement of Team U.S.A.; Wendy Gebauer advises viewers to keep an eye on Mia Hamm, a member of Team U.S.A., and Sun Wen, a member of China's team; Roberts introduces a series of highlight clips from the games which took place during the past three weeks; rock group Hanson sings "The Star-Spangled Banner"; and Roberts shows a clip reel featuring interviews with Carla Overbeck, Briana Scurry, Brandi Chastain, and Tiffeny Milbrett. The game begins, and John Paul Dellacamera and Wendy Gebauer provide a running commentary. Highlights include the following: the announcement of the starting lineups of both teams; a foul called on China's Liu Ailing; a foul called on China's Fan Yunjie; Hamm's free kick to teammate Michelle Akers, who fails to score; a disagreement between the referees about which team knocked the ball out of play; an appearance by President Bill Clinton, who is watching from his V.I.P. box; a foul called on Akers; a free kick by Overbeck that goes wide; China's recovery after a corner kick by Hamm; a midfield collision which knocks the wind out of Kate Sobrero; and a free kick by Sun Wen that goes too high.

At halftime, the score is zero-zero. And during halftime, Dellacamera shows a clip of Scurry blocking a shot during the semifinal match that is dubbed "Save of the Tournament," and Roberts speaks with President Clinton about America's new infatuation with women's soccer. Then, from the sports desk at ABC, commentator Steve Levy updates the Greater Milwaukee Open leader board. Back in Pasadena, Dellacamera and Gebauer continue their commentary. Second half highlights include Chastain's free kick after a foul is called on China; Milbrett's corner kick to Akers, who tries to score, but fails; a corner kick by Hamm, which does not lead to a goal; the substitution of Shannon MacMillan for Cindy Parlow; the substitution of Zhong Ouying for Pu Wei; China's near goal after a corner kick by Liu Ying; a foul called on McMillan; a yellow card foul called on Zhong Ouying for taking Milbrett down from behind; a foul called on Bai Jie; a yellow card foul called on Akers for injuring China's goalkeeper, Gao Hong, in a leaping defensive play; a yellow card foul called on Liu Ailing for tripping Kristine Lilly; Lilly's free kick, which is sent right into the arms of Gao Hong; and a midfield collision between Milbrett and Wei Lirong. The second half continues with a foul called on MacMillan and a collision between Hamm and Bai Jie. Regulation time ends with the score still tied at zero-zero. From the sports desk at ABC, Levy gives a sports update on inter-league baseball. Then back in Pasadena, commentators Dellacamera and Gebauer continue their commentary.

The game moves into overtime, and the teams face two fifteen-minute sudden-death periods, in which the first team to score wins the game. In the first of these "Golden Goal" periods, Sarah Whalen replaces Akers, Milbrett goes offsides, and Lilly makes a major save against a corner kick. In the second "Golden Goal" period, a foul is called on Liu Ailing for high kicking, Zhao Hilong is replaced by Qiu Haiyan, Milbrett is replaced by Tisha Venturini, and a substitution is made on China's team in the last moments of the period. The match is then decided by a five-round penalty-kick showdown. In round one, Xiu Huiling and Overbeck both score goals, and in the second round, Qiu Haiyan and Joy Fawcett also score goals. Round three features Scurry, goalkeeper for Team U.S.A., making a save against Liu Ying's shot, and Lilly scoring on China's goalkeeper, Gao Hong. In round four, Zhong Ouying and Hamm both score goals, and Sun Wen and Chastain both score goals in the fifth round. After Chastain scores, she is so excited that she rips her shirt off and waves it over her head as she runs back to her team. The U.S. wins the showdown (five-four), the match, and the Women's World Cup. After the match, McKendry talks to Chastain and head coach Tony DiCicco about the team's achievement and the legacy that Team U.S.A. will leave behind, the team receives their gold medals, and team captain Overbeck is awarded the Women's World Cup trophy. Includes commercials, promos, and a public service announcement.

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  • DATE: July 10, 1999 Saturday 3:30 PM
  • RUNNING TIME: 3:10:38
  • COLOR/B&W: Color
  • CATALOG ID: T:58410
  • GENRE: Sports
  • SUBJECT HEADING: She Made It Collection (Robin Roberts)
  • SERIES RUN: ABC - TV series, 1961-
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    • Robin Roberts … Host, Sports Commentator
    • John Paul Dellacamera … Sports Commentator
    • Wendy Gebauer … Sports Commentator
    • Rob Stone … Sports Commentator
    • Chris McKendry … Sports Commentator
    • Steve Levy … Sports Commentator
    • Hanson … Music Group
    • Michelle Akers
    • Bai Jie
    • Brandi Chastain
    • Bill Clinton
    • Fan Yunjie
    • Joy Fawcett
    • Gao Hong
    • Mia Hamm
    • Kristine Lilly
    • Liu Ailing
    • Liu Ying
    • Shannon MacMillan
    • Tiffeny Milbrett
    • Carla Overbeck
    • Cindy Parlow
    • Pu Wei
    • Qui Haiyan
    • Briana Scurry
    • Kate Sobrero
    • Tisha Venturini
    • Wei Lirong
    • Sun Wen
    • Sarah Whalen
    • Xiu Huiling
    • Zhao Hilong
    • Zhong Ouying