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The Paley Center's Education Department uses the Paley Archive in partnership with schools and other educational institutions to explore important themes and issues that have shaped contemporary history, as well as to develop and refine our audience's critical thinking and viewing skills.
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On-site Classes

Using programs from the Paley Archive as a means of illustration and investigation, Paley Center Educators lead sessions in New York City on a wide range of subjects such as advertising, the documentary form, and the Civil Rights movement.

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The Paley Center offers classes via videoconferencing on a wide variety of topics that have been developed and are conducted by the Paley Center's education staff.

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Workshops For Educators

The Paley Center offers professional training workshops for educators as part of its role as a community resource and also to help develop an informed audience.

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Paley Internships

It's an exciting time to learn from and work with the Paley Center's staff and partners for an unparalleled educational experience, through the Peter Roth Internship Program and The Hearst High School Media Internship.

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Robert M. Batscha University Series Supported by Dick Wolf

This series explores issues and the creative process behind fiction and nonfiction programming as well as new media and is available to college students and professors across the country on demand.

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Re-creating Radio Workshops

Read more about the fun and exciting Re-Creating Radio workshops for the whole family at the Paley Center in New York.

Paley Education & Media Resource Guide

Consuming media with your kids is a perfect jumping-off point to making media literacy a part of your everyday lives.

Sign up for our biweekly Paley Education & Media Resource Guide, which is filled with recommendations, best practices, and resources for teachers and parents. ​Also, it offers "What We're Watching,"  two specific programs to watch based on age range, with related discussion questions and online activities for parents to engage their children.  


You can enjoy a wealth of activities and programs to watch by looking at our past guides. 

Thank you

Funding for the Education Program has been generously provided by an endowment from:

  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation
  • Leo J. Hindery, Jr.

For additional support, the Paley Center wishes to thank:

  • Con Edison
  • Dick Wolf
  • Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation
  • MetLife Foundation
  • Michael Tuch Foundation
  • Nielsen Foundation
  • Pinkerton Foundation
  • Select Equity Group Foundation
  • Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation
  • Smart Family Foundation

The Education Program is supported, in part, by public funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council.

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