Falcon Crest: A Look Back

Oct 12, 2010
7:00 PM PT
Los Angeles


Ah, the decadent eighties. America exhibited an unquenchable thirst for nighttime soaps; witness the phenomenal success of Dallas, Dynasty, Knots Landing, and this Napa Valley–set CBS sudser, pivoting on the battle for control of Falcon Crest Wineries between the virtuous Chase Gioberti (Robert Foxworth) and the conniving Angela Channing (Jane Wyman, Oscar-winner and Ronald Reagan’s ex). Falcon Crest was created by—of all people—Earl Hamner, whose previous foray into family drama, The Waltons, was the anti-prime-time soap: wholesome, chaste, and poor. Falcon Crest, by contrast, was all about money, power, sex, and wine. Come relive the Reagan years as Hamner and the cast look back on one of the most popular and exemplary shows of the decade.

In Person

Earl Hamner, Creator/Executive Producer
Susan Sullivan, "Maggie Gioberti"
Lorenzo Lamas, "Lance Cumson"
Abby Dalton, "Julia Cumson"
Ana Alicia, "Melissa Agretti"
Jamie Rose, "Vickie Gioberti"
Margaret Ladd, "Emma Channing"
William R. Moses, "Cole Gioberti"
David Selby, “Richard Channing”
Additional panelists to be announced.

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