Special Screening

Digitally Remastered Classic Doctor Who Screenings: Resurrection of the Daleks

Jun 30, 2012
1:00 PM ET
New York

Travel with us through time and space as The Paley Center for Media and BBC Home Entertainment present this special series of classic Doctor Who screenings on the last Saturday of each month from June to September 2012. These screenings will feature the digitally remastered episodes in the best way: on the big screen, with big sound, and the Doctor Who community.

And we also have Doctor Who trivia with the chance to win DVDs and more from BBC Home Entertainment.

See schedule of all Classic Doctor Who screenings.

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Resurrection of the Daleks

(1984; 93 minutes)
Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor, encounters one of his oldest enemies, the Daleks, after the TARDIS is dragged down a time corridor, forcing him, Tegan (Janet Fielding), and Turlough (Mark Strickson) to materialize in London in 1984. The corridor links Earth with a battle cruiser in the future belonging to the Daleks (“Exterminate!”); having just lost the war with the android Movellans, the Daleks are ready to resurrect their creator, Davros (Terry Malloy)—with shocking consequences for the Doctor.


Our thanks to BBC Home Entertainment
for making this series of Doctor Who
screenings possible.


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