“Thank You Music Lovers” A Centennial Salute to Spike Jones: The Godfather of Musical Mayhem

Feb 21, 2012
7:30 PM PT
Los Angeles

An influential musical virtuoso and true musical genius, Spike Jones invented and then defined an innovative blend of comedy and music, both wildly popular and subversive, that startled and delighted audiences for decades. Today, some forty-seven years after his untimely passing, Jones's enduring creative legacy continues to inspire new generations of performers.

Jones established himself first on records and radio with his dead-on satires of the best-selling tunes of the day and by puncturing classical selections.

With the increasing popularity of Spike Jones and his City Slickers, he conquered all facets of media including television. It was there Jones arguably reached his creative zenith, bringing the unrivaled antic magic of his live stage shows to living rooms across America. Complementing his musical aggregation of top-notch musicians were acrobats, jugglers, dancers, and a female cigar-smoking harpist, a virtual Cirque du Spike. 

In celebration of the centennial anniversary of his birth, the Paley Center gathers a panel of family members, colleagues, and admirers, moderated by musical historian Dr. Demento, to salute this entertainment groundbreaker. Hope to see you there, “Music Lovers.”

In Person

Spike Jones, Jr
Helen Grayco
Ed Ruscha
Richard Carpenter
Moderator: Dr. Demento

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