Twentieth Anniversary of The Big Show: Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick Together Again

Apr 5, 2012
6:00 PM ET
New York



Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick were one of the legendary sports duos in television history. Their hosting of ESPN’s SportsCenter, which they dubbed “The Big Show,” helped to define the future of sports broadcasting with their witty mixture of pop culture and highlights. On the actual day of their first telecast twenty years ago, Olbermann and Patrick will reminisce with author Jim Miller about those pioneering days in sports coverage. Highlights of their work will also be screened, along with questions from the audience. Everyone that evening will discover that you can’t stop Keith and Dan—you can only hope to contain them.

Keith Olbermann
Dan Patrick
Moderator: James Miller, Author, Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN

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