Next Big Thing

Next Big Thing, September 20, 2012

Sep 20, 2012
6:30 – 9:30 PM
New York
Next Big Thing is a series of quarterly gatherings designed to showcase new entrants and disruptors in the media, entertainment, and technology spaces by bringing them together with established leaders and investors in those industries. A mix of elevator pitches, open debate, and cocktail conversation, the Next Big Thing provides a forum for rising innovators and entrepreneurs to meet the pioneers and pillars of the media industry. 



A new way to talk to each other.
Presenter: Cofounder and CEO Josh Miller 




Connects you with the things you love.
Presenters: Founder and CEO Alexander Bierling, Cofounder and CXO Steve Nitzschner



A team news reader that helps teams and organizations find and share relevant stories.
Presenter: Founder and CEO Sandeep Ayyappan



Travel Intelligence. Global Smartness.
PresenterFounder and CEO Rafat Ali 




Enables advertisers to drive engagement by compensating influencers and publishers to share videos, articles, music, and other media with their audience.
Presenter: Cofounder and CEO Francisco Diaz-Mitoma 


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