The Paley Center encourages kids to jump in muddy puddles with Hasbro's Peppa Pig on April 1

This holiday was created by Peppa’s official US charity partner, The Muddy Puddles Project​. Their mission encourages kids to be kids in honor of those who can’t, raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer. The Muddy Puddles Project was inspired by the founder’s son, Ty Campbell, whose dream was to jump in muddy puddles, just like Peppa, once his cancer was cured.
In honor of Ty and The Muddy Puddles Project, we’re asking your team to get involved, here’s how!
1. Post an Instagram Story of your family, friends, teammates, etc. jumping up and down in muddy puddles (real or pretend, it’s up to you! 😊)
2. Jump 5 times, and tag 5 friends to pass the challenge on! 
3. Tag @officialpeppa and #MuddyPuddlesChallenge so we can see your splash!
Search “Muddy Puddles Challenge” in the GIF section of Instagram Stories to decorate your videos, or search “Peppa Pig” in the music section to jump to your favorite Peppa song!

Watch with your family!

Peppa Pig "Muddy Puddles" (2004), streaming on Paramount+, Grades PK+ for more about rain and the water cycle

Peppa Pig: Entertainment One UK Limited

Make your own paper umbrella!

We always encourage adult supervision during craft time.

Materials Needed

  • A rectangular sheet of construction paper (8 ½ x 11 will work well)

  • Markers

  • Tape

  • A chopstick or popsicle stick


  1. Use your markers to decorate a piece of construction paper with any design or drawing you like. We recommend using lots of colors and filling up the whole piece of paper.
  2. Once your drawing is complete, place the piece of paper on a flat surface facing vertically. Start folding the piece of paper’s short side like an accordion, back and forth. The folds should be about ½ inch - you should be able to fold about 20-22 times.
  3. Once you have finished folding, you’ll have one strip of folds. Now fold the strip in half at the middle and tape the first folds together. Fluff the folds out and you have the top of your umbrella.
  4. Tape your chopstick or popsicle stick to the back of your umbrella. Now you have your very own paper umbrella!

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