Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

Oct 20, 2009
6:30 PM ET
New York

For twenty-eight years the Berlin Wall was the concrete symbol of the ideology behind the Cold War: it cruelly divided its own German people and kept the West out. This German/American documentary reveals the gripping history of the Wall from both sides, complete with intriguing computer graphics to explain how it was built and guarded. Filmmaker Oliver Halmburger captures the life and death adventures at the Wall, weaving together interviews with escapees, border guards, and American tank commanders. The Wall all but disappeared after it fell, but this documentary provides insight into why it should never be forgotten. (90 minutes)

This screening is in association with History and ZDF Enterprises.

Oliver Halmburger, Filmmaker
Nikolaus Piper, Senior Correspondent, Süddeutsche Zeitung
Moderator: Garrick Utley, President, The Neil D. Levin Graduate Institute of International Relations and Commerce

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