The Doc Filmmaker Taking On Power

Oct 20, 2011
6:30 PM ET
New York

The independent documentary filmmaker often confronts powerful interests—including corporate and governmental—that make production difficult and troublesome. The lone documentarian advocating a social cause can be at a huge disadvantage against a corporation with its elaborate public relations machinery. This event brings together filmmakers who have been challenged by corporations and lived to make a film. They will discuss how they defended themselves, detailing the financial and legal ramifications. Josh Fox will talk about the various challenges by the natural gas industry against Gasland, including its scornful reaction to his Academy Award nomination. Joe Berlinger will explore how he not only covered the class action lawsuit against Chevron, but also became part of the trial. This event is a must for any emerging filmmakers who desire to make a socially conscious film.

With the Hamptons Film Festival and the International Documentary Association

This event is part of the Robert M. Batscha University Seminar Series.

Joe Berlinger, Crude
Josh Fox, Gasland
Laura Israel, Windfall
Anthony Baxter, You've Been Trumped
Karen Shatzkin, Lawyer
Moderator: Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News Film Critic

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