April 15, 2009


Apr 15, 2009
7:00 PM PT
Los Angeles

Joss Whedon’s new Fox series Dollhouse reunites him with erstwhile bad-girl Slayer and redoubtable butt-kicker Eliza Dushku, this time playing Echo, an “active”—an identity-less, programmable super-agent—in the employ of the mysterious Dollhouse organization. Dark, disturbing, and spiked with unexpected humor and pathos, Dollhouse recalls Whedon’s previous classic series while carving out a distinctively mesmerizing, unsettling atmosphere all its own. The cast includes Olivia Williams, Reed Diamond, Harry Lennix, and Fran Kranz as her handlers, and Battlestar Galactica’s Tahmoh Penikett as a driven FBI agent obsessed with closing the Dollhouse down.

Photo—Kurt Iswarienko/Fox


Joss Whedon, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director
Elizabeth Craft, Co-Executive Producer/Writer
Sarah Fain, Co-Executive Producer
Eliza Dushku ("Echo")
Fran Kranz ("Topher")
Dichen Lachman ("Sierra")
Miracle Laurie ("Mellie")

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