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Hispanic Heritage Zoom Meet-Up

Thursday, September 30, 4:30 - 5:00 pm ET

Join us for a special Hispanic Heritage Month Zoom Meet-up on Thursday September 30, where we will be chatting about Peru! For connection details, please RSVP.


Paley Education: What We’re Watching

In honor of The Paley Center for Media’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, the Paley education resource guide “What We’re Watching” will focus on Hispanic culture as illustrated through media.

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Fantasy & Magical Realism

Let's explore fantasy and magical realism! Although most kids are familiar with fantasy, they may be unfamiliar with magical realism, a distinct genre whose most celebrated storytellers (Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, etc.) come from Latin America. A magical realism story is usually set in a realistic environment with magical elements. Magical realism storytellers present magical events as ordinary occurrences, and portray the incredible as normal, everyday life.

Recommendation for Younger Viewers

Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia: “Becoming 1 & 2”

Recommended for Grades 4+
Available to stream on Netflix

Trollhunters is an animated fantasy adventure series created by Guillermo del Toro. The series begins when an ordinary teenager named Jim Lake finds a magic amulet that chooses him to be a Trollhunter, a guardian that defends the world of humans and the secret world of trolls. Adventure, quests, and high school drama follow. Unlike del Toro’s other films which can be terrifying for kids, this one is geared towards them, but we think adults will also love the nostalgic references and humor sprinkled throughout as well.

Viewing Questions

  • How do you know right away that this is a magical realism series?
  • Describe the main character. What kind of person is he and how do you know? What is his life like? Who does he live with? Who are his friends?
  • What does Jim find on his bike ride to school?
  • What happens as a result of finding the amulet?

Recommendation for Older Viewers

Pan’s Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno), directed by Guillermo del Toro (2006)

Recommended for Grades 10+
Available to stream on Netflix

This Academy Award–winning dark fable is set five years after the end of the Spanish Civil War. Eleven-year-old Ofelia comes face to face with the horrors of fascism when she and her mother are uprooted and go to the countryside to live with her new stepfather, an evil captain in General Francisco Franco’s army. 

Viewing Questions

  • Describe the setting of the film.
  • Describe the main character, Ofelia. What is the significance of her name? (Think Shakespeare.)
  • Two big themes of the film are “rebellion” and “choices.” How does Ofelia rebel and choose her destiny? How do other characters rebel and make choices that affect the plot as well?
  • Why do you think Captain Vidal is so invested in time and watch repair? How is it important to the plot?
  • Does Ofelia’s mother encourage or discourage a love of fairy tales for her daughter and what is the impact?

Extension Activities: Get Creative!
Make Your Own TP Roll Creatures
Write a Fractured Fairy Tale

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Photos—Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia: Netflix/Dreamworks; Pan’s Labyrinth: Warner Bros


Let's look at depictions of family, across a variety of genres. Family is a crucial element of so many different types of storytelling. So much is wrapped up in "family" stories—tradition, culture, growth, conflict, understanding. We hope these recommendations help some viewers see themselves and their loved ones portrayed on screen and maybe even expand the definition of what makes a family.


Recommendation for Younger Viewers

Anina, directed by Alfredo Soderguit (2013)

Recommended for Grades 3+
Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video

Anina is a beautifully animated Uruguayan-Colombian film about family, friendship, and growing up. It follows the adventures of a passionate and imaginative young girl with a very special name as she learns an important lesson—don’t judge a book by its cover… or maybe we should say, by its name? The film pulls off an impressive feat, balancing whimsy and relatability with aplomb!

Viewing Questions

  • Who is the main character? What words would you use to describe her?
  • Who is in Anina’s family? What words would you use to describe them? How do they treat Anina?
  • Who is Yisel? What words would you use to describe her?
  • What is the issue between Anina and Yisel? What is their punishment? How do they respond to it?
  • What do you find out about Yisel’s family? What does Anina learn from her issue with Yisel?

Recommendation for Older Viewers

One Day at a Time: “This Is It” (2017)

Season 1, Episode 1
Recommended for Grades 7+
Available to stream on Netflix

One Day at a Time, a reimagining of Norman Lear’s classic sitcom of the same name, revolves around a Cuban-American multigenerational family living together in Los Angeles. In this first episode, we’re introduced to the family members as they deal with major generational discord—planning a traditional quinceañera that conflicts with their daughter’s feminist beliefs.

Viewing Questions

  • What kind of characters do you meet in the Alvarez family? What do they care about?
  • Why do Penelope and Lydia want to throw a quinceañera for Elena? Why does Elena oppose the party? How do they deal with this conflict?
  • What is Alex’s problem? How does he decide to solve it? What does Penelope think of his solution? How do they deal with this conflict?
  • What is Penelope’s problem? How does she decide to solve it? What does Lydia think of her solution? How does Penelope react?
  • How would you describe the family dynamic? Who is in charge? How do you know?

Extension Activities

What’s in a name? Like Anina, find out more about the meaning and origin of your name!

Take it one step further and record an oral history about your name and your family’s history. Here’s a guide on how to plan out an oral history project.

Family Game Night

Check out this list of the most popular games played in Latin America for inspiration!

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Photos—Anina: Amazon; One Day at a Time: Sony/Pop TV