Paley Center Celebrates MLB: The Show 21 Release!

The Paley Center is pleased to celebrate the public release of MLB: The Show 21, one of the most successful franchises in gaming and interactive entertainment history, and one of the most highly anticipated game drops of the year.

This celebration reflects the Paley Center’s ongoing commitment to highlighting the most important events and milestones in gaming and interactive entertainment through PaleyGX.

Your Ultimate Gaming Experience

PaleyGX is a free destination at the Paley Center for gamers and families that features the hottest video games geared toward all age levels—for both casual players and avid gamers—across multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, high-performance PC gaming, and Oculus virtual reality. PaleyGX hosts play-it-here-first, buzzworthy, can’t-miss events around new game drops and product launches either in advance of or same day as market release as well as tournaments, watch parties and influencer meet and greets. Though PaleyGX cannot currently welcome visitors, due to COVID-19, we are still excited to commemorate this important new release. Once PaleyGX is again open, we look forward to welcoming visitors who will be able to enjoy MLB: The Show 21 and all of our other great games.

The Excitement of MLB: The Show 21

This year’s edition of MLB: The Show gives gamers unprecedented levels of customization to create a unique experience, including 1,200 virtual props to design as many as thirty different stadiums within the game. Additionally, anyone using a PS5 with DualSense controller will actually feel the physical sensation of the bat vibrating as it hits the ball. Players will also be able to enjoy the fun and excitement of changing ballpark dimensions and scenery, as well as creating rosters featuring baseball legends such as Hank Aaron, Fernando Valenzuela, Roberto Clemente, Kirby Puckett, Babe Ruth, Tony Gwynn, David Ortiz, Mike Schmidt, and others.

MLB: The Show 21 continues the award-winning tradition of Sony San Diego Studio, one of the most respected game developers in the business, which designed the first edition of this successful franchise in 2006.

Key Dates in MLB: The Show History

February 28, 2006. Release of first game in MLB: The Show franchise, MLB 06: The Show. The gamer is able to create a player and take him to the Major Leagues.

March 3, 2009. Release of the acclaimed MLB 09: The Show, which provided more interaction with player’s coaches and pitch analysis.

March 5, 2013. Release of MLB 13: The Show, which featured a postseason mode, allowing gamers to play through a full postseason with a realistic atmosphere.

March 28, 2017. Release of MLB: The Show 17, adding new depth to the Franchise and Road to the Show modes.

March 26, 2019. Release of MLB: The Show 19, which allowed the user to recreate famous moments in MLB history.

April 20, 2021. Release of MLB: The Show 21 for PlayStation 5 and 4, and Xbox One and Series X/S

The Paley Center in New York remains closed because of COVID-19 until further notice.

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