I Want My Gay TV! Radio Documentary

Clips from the Paley Center Collection Illustrate the 
SIRIUS XM Radio Documentary, I Want My Gay TV: 

The LGBT History of Television

Stars share their memories of seeing gay-themed programs on television













































The Paley Center for Media with SIRIUS XM Radio celebrates 2010 Pride Weekend with the launch of “I Want My Gay TV!”—an interactive paleycenter.org web exclusive featuring classic clips from the Paley Center’s extensive collection combined with audio excerpts from SIRIUS XM’s audio documentary I Want My Gay TV: The LGBT History of Television.

With greater industry and public acceptance of openly gay performers, the inclusion of LGBT characters throughout the medium, and the creation of networks specifically aimed at lesbian, gay, bi-, and transgendered viewers, television has made great strides. However, things were not always so all-encompassing and open-minded. Remembering the various small steps forward, passing mentions, breakthroughs, milestones, or even negative presentations has become something of a bonding experience for members of the gay community.

In 2004, The Paley Center for Media (then The Museum of Television & Radio) presented a look at how various television series dealt with LGBT characters. Entitled Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: The History of Gay and Lesbian Images on Television, this screening series featured gay-themed fare from the early years of N.Y.P.D. and Medical Center episodes to the breakthroughs of Ellen, Will & Grace, and cable's Queer as Folk.

This year, SIRIUS XM Radio produced and broadcast
I Want My Gay TV: The LGBT History of Television—a groundbreaking audio documentary that chronicles the evolution of gay characters on television, from the cross-dressing Milton Berle to Ellen coming out to Queer Eye and everything in between—on OutQ, SIRIUS XM’s 24/7 channel for the LGBT community. SIRIUS XM host Derek Hartley interviewed twenty-one members of the entertainment industry, from both sides of the camera, to share their memories of seeing these programs on television for this fascinating, four-hour documentary narrated by Ben Patrick Johnson. I Want My Gay TV: The LGBT History of Television originally aired on OutQ (SIRIUS channel 98/XM channel 109) on March 12, 2010.

The Paley Center is happy to offer this unique web experience that combines excerpts from the interviews matched up with clips from the programs they are talking about. Click on a theme in the rainbow on the right to hear/see the individual packages with expository text by Paley Center researcher and blogger Barry Monush. The commentators include comedian-host Rosie O'Donnell, writer Bruce Vilanch, actor Dan Butler, actress Lucy Lawless, writer Marc Cherry, and entertainer RuPaul. Each theme will also offer an additional ten minutes or so of commentary from the SIRIUS XM Radio documentary.

TV program photos (clockwise from top left): An American Family, Soap, Ellen, Will & Grace, The L Word

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