The Academy Awards

Viewing Oscars Past

The Paley Center's vast Collection contains many Academy Award telecasts including the very first ceremony to be televised, in 1953, radio highlights from the 1940s, and a complete run of shows from 1991 to the present. In addition, the archives contain much Oscar-related programming from over the years.
All of these programs, as with all material in our collection, can be viewed at private consoles at the Paley Center’s New York and Beverly Hills locations. Some programs, not yet cataloged, require a window of time between the patron’s request and when they can be viewed.

The Academy Awards CONTINUES...

The Paley Center Collection contains the following Academy Awards telecasts:

(Broadcast year, covering previous year’s films) (Best Picture winner for that year designated)

20th Annual: 1948 (Gentleman's Agreement)

25th Annual: 1953 (The Greatest Show on Earth) 
First time that the Oscars were televised

26th Annual: 1954 (From Here to Eternity

30th Annual: 1958 (The Bridge on the River Kwai)

31st Annual: 1959 (excerpts only; Gigi)

43rd Annual: 1971 (Patton)

44th Annual: 1972 (excerpts only; The French Connection)
A Donation from the Andy Warhol Foundation, which features Warhol and friends watching the Oscars.

45th Annual: 1973 (The Godfather)

48th Annual: 1976 (excerpts only; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest)

50th Annual: 1978 (Annie Hall)

52nd Annual: 1980 (Kramer vs. Kramer)

53rd Annual: 1981 (Ordinary People)

54th Annual: 1982 (Chariots of Fire)

55th Annual: 1983 (Gandhi)

57th Annual: 1985 (Amadeus)
58th Annual: 1986 (Out of Africa)
59th Annual: 1987 (Platoon)
60th Annual: 1988 (The Last Emperor)
61st Annual: 1989 (Rain Man)

All Oscar telecasts from 1991 to the present.



The Paley Center Collection contains the following Oscars-related programming:

Judith Crist: Oscars (Radio)            11/17/63
TVTV Looks at the Oscars            1976       
Siskel & Ebert: If We Picked the Oscars 
Joel Siegel: Ten Dollar Oscar Show            3/31/81
Open End: Film Critics Predict the Oscars            3/13/83
PM Magazine: Who’s Hot for the Oscars            3/19/86
Disney Goes to the Oscars            3/23/86
Entertainment Tonight: Post Oscar Show            3/30/93
Entertainment Tonight: Pre-Oscar Show            3/21/94
KABC Oscar Pre-Show             3/21/99
JKABC Pre-Oscar Show Tape            3/23/98
KABC Post Oscar Special Show            3/23/98
Oscar Preview            3/21/99
Politically Incorrect: Oscars After-Party            3/21/99
KABC Eyewitness News Post Oscars            3/21/99
Oscar Countdown 2001            3/25/01
An Evening at the Academy Awards            3/23/02
Oscar Countdown 2003            3/23/03
On the Red Carpet: Oscars 2002            3/24/02
Good Morning America: Oscar Nominations            1/27/04
Countdown to the Oscars            2/29/04
Countdown to the Oscars            2/27/05
Oscar Countdown 2006            3/5/06
The Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special            2/22/07
Road to the Oscars 2007            2/25/07
Jimmy Kimmel Live!: After the Academy Awards            2/26/07
Barbara Walters Oscar Special            2/24/08
Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards            2/24/08
Oscar’s Red Carpet 2008            2/24/08