What Can We Do to Make News Work for Americans?

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Jonah Goldberg, Fellow and Asness Chair in Applied Liberty, American Enterprise Institute
Kathleen Kingsbury, Acting Editorial Page Editor, New York Times
Wesley Lowery, Correspondent, 60 in 6, Quibi
Tom Rosenstiel, Executive Director, American Press Institute
Lauren Williams, Senior Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, Vox
Moderator: LaSharah Bunting, Director of Journalism, Knight Foundation
Introduced by: Sam Gill, SVP/Chief Program Officer, Knight Foundation

Americans, of all different perspectives and voices, understand how important the media is to our democracy. But as we face a critical juncture in our nation’s history—including a contentious election, an ongoing pandemic and a reckoning on racial justice—many Americans believe the media isn’t working for them. In fact, a new Gallup/Knight poll of 20,000 people finds Americans are deeply concerned about the media’s objectivity. What factors have led us to where we are today? At a time when the need for trustworthy news and information is urgent, how do we get to a place where Americans feel they are getting the information they desperately need?


Journalism Worth Saving: What Business Model Works Best for the American People?

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Jesse Angelo, President, Global News and Entertainment, Vice Media

Jim Friedlich, CEO, The Lenfest Institute for Journalism
Elizabeth Green, Cofounder, CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Chalkbeat / Cofounder and Board Chair, American Journalism Project
Howard Husock, Policy Reform Expert, Manhattan Institute and City Journal
Sara Lomax-Reese, President and CEO, WURD Radio
Kristin Roberts, Vice President of News, McClatchy News Service
Moderator: Sara Fischer, Media Reporter, Axios
Introduced by: Sam Gill, SVP/Chief Program Officer, Knight Foundation

While having a thriving and free press is critical to a democracy, the business models that drive most newsrooms—and the social platforms that carry their stories—may benefit from our polarized culture. How can we develop a news business that is both profitable and objectively informs the needs of our democracy? Is the for-profit model passé, or the only scalable approach? Can nonprofits raise the funds to grow beyond a small and often elite audience? Is it time to further expand public media?

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