Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in several special evenings at the Paley Center. It’s always been a privilege to have my series recognized, and preserved, by an organization whose work I value. 

During this uncertain time, like many other nonprofit organizations, the Paley Center has experienced a loss of vital funding and revenue from its events, which help to support its ongoing education and preservation initiatives throughout the year. 

I hope you’ll consider joining me in supporting the Paley Center, and all that they do, until the time we can be there in person again to enjoy their programs, exhibits, and the amazing Paley Archive, which spans the history of television. 

In every event with the Paley Center, I’ve been able to connect with the audiences who’ve enjoyed our shows from Nip/Tuck, and Glee, to American Horror Story, POSE, and more. That’s been especially meaningful for me, and for the actors and creative teams with whom I have the pleasure of working.

Plus, it’s felt good to know these events have helped support the Paley Center’s many preservation initiatives, including establishing the first television archive dedicated to preserving the work of LGBTQ+ actors, writers, directors, producers, broadcast journalists, and sports figures.

Thankfully though, while we’re all being safer at home, we can still connect with the Paley Center through Paley@Home, a new series of programs on their YouTube channel featuring a great selection of Paley programs & conversations. I’m delighted that one of my shows is included too. You can watch here.

If you have benefitted from your association with the Paley Center, the way I have, and have loved its programming and all it does in the world of television and media, I hope you will express your appreciation by making a gift at this time. And, I hope you enjoy watching the full conversation of POSE from PaleyFest LA 2019 on Paley YouTube.

Here are ways you can help: 

Join Our Paley Community

Make a one-time contribution or ongoing donation of any size

Sponsor the preservation of your favorite show by adopting a program in the Paley Archive


Thanks for supporting an organization I care about. I’ll hope to see you at a Paley event in the near future.

Ryan Murphy


Photo: Robert Trachtenberg