Digital Nation at the Paley Center

Apr 13, 2010
7:00 PM ET
New York

This spring and summer, Douglas Rushkoff, a leading thinker and writer on the digital revolution, will a conduct a series of live forums at the Paley Center, bringing together experts in the field of new media to explore the implications of living in a world consumed by technology and the impact that this constant connectivity may have on future generations.

April 13
Crowd Computing: Hive Mind or Digital Mob?

In a special event exploring the impact of new media on society, join best-selling author, media commentator, and documentarian Douglas Rushkoff for an exploration of emerging issues on the "virtual frontier." Doug sits down with some of today’s leading thinkers on technology and culture to discuss “Crowd Computing: Hive Mind or Digital Mob?" Does an environment where everybody has a voice help to elevate public discourse -- or to reduce it to only its starkest polarities? Are the contributions of individual experts and specialists beginning to take a back seat to the folk wisdom of the crowd? Are digital networks truly producing innovative forms of collaboration or simply enabling the rise of the unpaid worker? Join the conversation with Doug and guests and explore the promises and the perils of the digital collective.  

This special event is part of series of online roundtable discussion inspired by the recent PBS FRONTLINE documentary project Digital Nation.

Other events in the series to be announced.

Tickets on sale now.

This event will live stream at 7pm ET.

Use Twitter hashtag #dig_nat to join the conversation! 


In Person

Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Commentator, and Correspondent for PBS FRONTLINE
RU Sirius, Cofounder, Mondo2000; Editor, H+ magazine
Sherry Turkle, Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self
Amy Bruckman, Associate Professor, Electronic Learning Communities, Georgia Institute of Technology

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Members: $15
General Public: $25

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