Premiere Screening & Panel

Napoleon Dynamite

Jan 11, 2012
7:00 PM PT
Los Angeles

The Paley Center for Media presents a premiere screening of the new Fox animated series Napoleon Dynamite. Based on the hit film and voiced by the film's original actors, the comedy series follows the misadventures of an awkward high school teenager and his quirky friends as they struggle to navigate life in rural Idaho. Members of the cast and creative team will join us following the screening for a behind-the-scenes look at the series, which will join FOX's "Animation Domination" block on Sunday, January 15, at 8:30 pm.

In Person

Jon Heder, "Napoleon Dynamite"
Efren Ramirez, "Pedro"
Tina Majorino, "Deb"
Diedrich Bader, "Rex"
Sandy Martin, "Grandma"
Moderator: Mike White
plus additional members of the cast & creative team to be announced 

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