Boardroom Luncheon

Tom Rogers, President & CEO, TiVo

Jun 19, 2009
12:30 – 2:00 PM
New York

Tom Rogers, president and CEO of TiVo, has operated at the nexus of where media, technology, advertising, and public policy come together for more than two decades. He is currently poised to help the creator and leader in television services for DVRs continue to revolutionize the way consumers watch and access home entertainment. Previously, Rogers was chairman and CEO of PRIMEDIA, Inc., and president of NBC Cable and EVP of NBC, as well as NBC's chief strategist. Among his many accomplishments, Rogers founded CNBC and established MSNBC. In addition, he served as cochairman of the Arts and Entertainment and History Channels, and was responsible for overseeing many other cable channels, including Court TV, Bravo, American Movie Classics, the Independent Film Channel, the National Geographic Channel, and numerous regional sports channels. Prior to NBC, he was senior counsel to the US House of Representatives Telecommunications, Consumer Protection, and Finance Subcommittee.




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