Re-creating Radio Workshops in New York

Bring your Friends... Act and perform in a one-of-a-kind workshop to produce a live radio drama!

Re-creating Radio is a two-hour workshop where children ages nine and older produce an old-time radio drama using scripts, sound effects, and music. The workshop takes participants through the many stages of radio production, including casting, microphone and sound effects training, and a cue rehearsal, before they put on a "live" broadcast. The series brings to life stories in the tradition of SupermanThe Shadow, and The Lone Ranger. Each participant receives a copy of the performance following the workshop.

Workshops cost $400 per group and a deposit must be paid in advance of the workshop date. Enrollment is limited to twenty people per workshop, twelve-person minimum. Paley Center Members receive a 10% discount.

Community groups and nonprofit organizations are eligible for a 25% discount. Please contact the Education Department for more information.

For more information, or to make reservations: call 212.621.6600.

Re-creating Radio is a terrific place for a birthday party!

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Choose from the following scripts

Hawk of the West
We join the straight-shootin’ Hawk of the West and his trusty companion, Uzumati, in the Wild, Wild West. In this episode, they must tame a greedy group of profiteering ranchers to avoid an all-out war.
Recommended ages 11+

The Itsy, Bitsy Statue of Liberty
In this adapted episode of Superman, our hero must foil the evil plot of a mad scientist run amok with a shrinking ray, thereby saving a little boy and New York as we know it. Can he do it?
Recommended ages 9+

The Lamp of Olah
In this adapted episode of The Shadow, an evil villain with a chip on his shoulder kidnaps the governor, while the Shadow and his partner Margo Lane must avoid being hypnotized to save him.
Recommended ages 9+

Life's Little Ups & Downs
Raymond Brown has fallen deathly ill since his return from the jungles of South America. Raymond’s loving sister questions whether the mysterious voodoo doll had anything to do with it, while his bitter wife plots his demise, all in the melodramatic style of a 1950s soap opera.
Recommended ages 9+

Nanci Dru: Teen Detective
Based on the beloved children’s series, this original script finds Nanci Dru on a new case. While on vacation, Nanci meets someone who needs her help, leaving her hot on the trail of a pair of imposters. Will she be able to save her friend?
Recommended ages 12+

Powergirls and the Brothers Evil 
The Powergirls and their best friend, Petey, save the day once more. This time, join them as they battle the Brothers Evil in a sinister plot to shrink and steal all of the toys in the world!
Recommended ages 9+

Robin Hood and Terrible Tom
In this classic story, the Sheriff of Nottingham is once again raising taxes for the poor and plotting to do away with Robin Hood. Robin must defeat the Sheriff’s hired man, Terrible Tom, and save the people of Nottingham from being unjustly evicted.
Recommended ages 9+

Robin Hood and the Tinker
When the evil Sheriff of Nottingham pays a visit to Sherwood Forest to capture Robin Hood and his Merry Men, he gets a dose of trickery that he’s not prepared for. Will the Sheriff finally capture Robin? Or will Robin send him out of the forest once and for all?
Recommended ages 9+

Zero Hour
This play is based on Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi thriller in which children across the country play a game called "Invasion." Their parents think it's cute until it turns out that the invasion is real and aliens are using the children to invade Earth.
This play is for groups of 12 to 14 people.
Recommended ages 10+