Paley Presents

PaleyFest: Made In NY Screenings

Oct 2 – 6, 2013
12:00 AM
New York

As the Paley center inaugurates PaleyFest: Made In NY, we present screenings of other great television programs produced in the Big Apple…drop in to our theater and enjoy some local color on the big screen. Schedules will be available in the lobby.

Admission to these screenings is FREE and you can also use the library to search the collection of nearly 150,000 programs for free during the Festival, October 2 to 6.


Wednesday, October 2 at noon

Rockefeller Follies

Saturday Night Live (premiere)
The birth of a legend, from Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center. (1975; 89 minutes)

30 Rock: "Tracy Does Conan"
Rockefeller Center can not contain the crazy when Tracy Jordan guests on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. (2006; 21 minutes)


Variety Is the Spice of NYC

The Ed Sullivan Show (The Beatles)
America, meet the Beatles. Beatles, welcome to New York. (1964; 59 minutes)

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (Tiny Tim wedding)
Perhaps the oddest nuptials in the history of television, as the great Carson presides over the wedding of eccentric singer Tiny Tim and his bride, Miss Vicki. (1969; 27 minutes)

The Steve Allen Show (Tonight Show) (premiere)
In the beginning … Steve Allen hosts, in between drinking beer and tickling the ivories. (1954; 44 minutes)


Thursday, October 3 at noon

City Girls

Ugly Betty (premiere)
Bright lights, big city, Ugly Betty. (2006; 60 minutes)

Sex and the City (premiere)
Four fabulous women navigate life and love in glamorous Manhattan. (1998; 27 minutes)

Girls (premiere)
Four neurotic women navigate life and love in pretentious Brooklyn. (2012; 30 minutes)


Urban Misfits

Flight of the Conchords: "Evicted"
New York is even stranger and more intimidating through the eyes two clueless Kiwi musicians. Funnier, too. (2009; 28 minutes)

Wrapping Up the Third Season of Bored to Death (Paley Center event)
Discussion and clips from the quirky, gut-busting private eye series set in a Brooklyn so Brooklyn-y even Brooklyn is like, “Eyeroll, I get it.” (2011; 55 minutes)

Louie (compilation)
Highlights from Louis C.K.’s groundbreaking series about a NY comedian just trying to get through the day in an absurdist urban environment. (2010; 33 minutes)


Friday, October 4 at noon

NY Law

Westinghouse Studio One: 12 Angry Men
The classic play from the Golden Age of Television Drama, shot live in NYC. (1954; 51 minutes)

The Defenders: "The Quality of Mercy"
Controversy, searing social issues, New Frontier liberalism…sounds like New York. (1961; 51 minutes)

Law & Order (pilot)
These are their stories. Chung-chung. (1990; 48 minutes)


Gritty City

Kraft Television Theatre: Patterns
Rod Serling’s brutal examination of corporate skullduggery was the writer’s breakthrough and still packs an emotional wallop. (1955; 55 minutes)

Naked City: "Meridian"
There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This is #658,472. (1958; 30 minutes)

East Side/West Side: "Who Do You Kill?"
New York social workers grapple with social ills and the crosstown bus. (1963; 50 minutes)


Saturday, October 5 at 1:00 pm 

Kid’s Stuff

Sesame Street (premiere)
Big Bird and the gang make their debut. Still can’t find this place on the subway map. (1969; 59 minutes)

Captain Kangaroo (premiere)
In which the erstwhile Clarabell the Clown dons the mature, dignified mantle of Captain Kangaroo. (1955; 34 minutes)

The Magic Garden
An installment of the beloved local children’s series. Bring some peanuts for Sherlock. (1972; 30 minutes) 


Family Life

The Goldbergs: "Molly’s Pocketbook"
Yoo-hoo, Mrs. Goldberg! (1955; 26 minutes)

The Honeymooners (premiere)
Take that, hipsters—Ralph, Alice, Ed, and Trixie were broke in Brooklyn before it was cool. (1955; 27 minutes)

The Patty Duke Show: "A Foggy Day in Brooklyn Heights"
In New York, the genetic impossibility of identical cousins is not considered particularly odd. (1965; 29 minutes)

The Cosby Show (pilot)
Oh, that beautiful brownstone. Drool. Sigh. (1984; 24 minutes)

Kate & Allie: "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?"
Two fabulous and neurotic women navigate life and love in funky Greenwich Village. (1987; 25 minutes)


Sunday, October 6 at noon  

Anarchy in Late Night

Late Night with Conan O’Brien (premiere)
It wasn’t supposed to work. It so totally did. (1993; 58 minutes)

Late Night with David Letterman: "Too Tired to Do a Show"
In his NBC days, if Dave wasn’t up for a conventional broadcast, he would just goof around in the offices with his staff and yell things out the window at people on the street. Still hilarious. (1985; 44 minutes)


NY Wits

The Dick Cavett Show (Woody Allen)
Cavett and his buddy Woody vie for the Driest Wit Ever title in this amusing conversation. (1977; 29 minutes)

The David Susskind Show: "How to Be a Jewish Son"
Mel Brooks, David Steinberg, and George Segal dish on the Jewish experience in this famously rollicking discussion. (1970; 97 minutes)





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