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Sat & Sun, February 1, 2
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Partying Like It’s Their Anniversaries: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, In Living Color, and Everybody Hates Chris

Three iconic comedy shows with predominantly black casts and creators—two sitcoms and a sketch comedy program—celebrate landmark anniversaries in 2020: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990–96, NBC), was a fish-out-of-water sitcom starring Will Smith as a fictional version of himself, a street-smart teen from inner-city Philadelphia who moves to opulent Bel-Air, California. Also celebrating its thirtieth anniversary is In Living Color (1990–94, Fox), a groundbreaking sketch comedy show created by Keenen Ivory Ways that pioneered the black culture revolution of the nineties and propelled the careers of Damon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, David Alan Grier, Kim Coles, Jennifer Lopez, Rosie Perez, and Jim Carrey. Everybody Hates Chris (2005–06, UPN; 2006–09, The CW) was created by Ali LeRoi and Chris Rock, who also narrated the sitcom, based on Rock’s real-life childhood in Brooklyn.


12:15 pm

Everybody Hates Chris: “Everybody Hates the Pilot”

Chris commutes to a new, mostly white school, which doesn’t go great. (2005; 21 min.)


12:40 pm

Everybody Hates Chris: “Everybody Hates Basketball”

Chris is recruited for the basketball team, notwithstanding the fact that he’s terrible at basketball. (2005; 21 min.)


1:05 pm

Everybody Hates Chris: “Everybody Hates Funerals”

Chris’s grandfather (guest star Jimmie Walker) passes away. (2006; 21 min.)


1:30 pm

Everybody Hates Chris: “Everybody Hates Rejection”

Chris plays the dating game; a new neighbor (guest star Whoopi Goldberg) moves in next door. (2006; 21 min.)


1:55 pm

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: “A Night at the Oprah” 

When Uncle Phil and family travel to Chicago to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Will banks on joining them on stage. Bad move, Will. (1992; 24 min.)


2:20 pm

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: “Hi-Ho Silver”

Will and Carlton play sleuth when silverware turns up missing. (1991; 23 min.)


2:45 pm

In Living Color (Premiere)

Like Keenen says, “Sit back, laugh, and have a good time” as “Robin Givens” and “Mike Tyson” recollect their Love Connection date, Slick Johnson gets stranded on the moon, and Homeboy Shopping Network hosts Whiz and the Iceman show us what’s in the back of their truck. (1990; 24 min.)


3:10 pm

In Living Color: Highlights

A compendium of highlights, including the introduction of Jennifer Lopez in the season three premiere, produced by the Paley Center. (Various dates; 44 min.)


3:55 pm

In Living Color: Season One, Episode Nine

Whiz and the Iceman provide a lot of dubious advice at a Homeboy seminar; “Bob Saget” hosts “American’s Funniest Security Camera Videos,” and Homey D. Clown ruins another birthday party. (1990; 24 min.)


4:20 pm

In Living Color: Season One, Finale

Homey D. Clown brings his patented brand of misanthropy to a carnival, angry comedienne Samantha Kinison gives us a peak at her upcoming HBO special, and we pay a visit to the Buttmans. (1990; 24 min.)



Sat & Sun, February 8, 9 • FREE Admission

A Funny Situation: Black Stars in Hit Sitcoms & Television Specials

A quiet milestone was achieved during the 1968–69 television season, when NBC’s gentle sitcom Julia entered the Nielsen Top 10 for the year. As Nurse Julia Baker, singer-actress Diahann Carroll broke new ground by being the first black lead in a comedy series not playing a domestic role. In light of its success, it was time to open the field to other black entertainers and the 1970s brought such now-iconic hits as Sanford and Son, Good Times, and The Jeffersons, which ran on CBS for an impressive eleven seasons, making it one of the longest-running situation comedies in the history of the medium. A lineup of episodes from these classic shows are included, along with such other favorites as 227, Martin, Living Single, and The Bernie Mac Show. Wrapping up our salute, we will be a screening of a star-studded tribute special to the incomparable Richard Pryor, offering both songs and laughs.


12:05 pm

Julia: “Ready, Aim, Fired”

Julia’s nursing job is in jeopardy due to budget cuts. (1970; 29 min.)


12:40 pm

Sanford and Son: “A Visit from Lena Horne”

After meeting Lena Horne on an NBC Studio tour, Fred concocts a sob story to get the legendary singer to appear at his home. (1973; 25 min.)


1:10 pm

Good Times: “Black Jesus”

Despite Florida’s objections, the family hangs J.J.’s painting of Black Jesus on the wall and the family soon starts experiencing a run of good luck. (1974; 26 min.)


1:40 pm

The Jeffersons: “A Friend in Need” (Series Premiere)

In the premiere episode of the long running series, George wants to hire a maid for Louise, but she is uncomfortable with the idea. (1975; 29 min.)


2:15 pm

227: “Washington Affair”

Sandra dates a Congressman in this episode that also features Billy Dee Williams. (1986; 22 min.)


2:45 pm

Martin: “Boys Are Us”

Martin is angry to discover that Gina makes more money than he does. (1992; 23 min.)


3:15 pm

Living Single: “In the Black Is Beautiful”

The future of Flavor is in jeopardy unless Khadijah can make some money. (1993; 23 min.)


3:45 pm

The Bernie Mac Show: “Pilot” (Series Premiere)

The premiere in this comedy series about the changes in the life of successful stand-up comedian Bernie Mac after he agrees to take in his drug-addled sister's three children. (2001; 24 min.)


4:15 pm

A Party for Richard Pryor

Eddie Murphy hosts an all-star tribute to one of the groundbreaking names in black stand-up comedy. In addition to showing clips from Pryor’s career, there are musical highlights with Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, and the Pointer Sisters, and testimonials from such performers as Marsha Warfield, Danny Glover, Arsenio Hall, Burt Reynolds, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and Gene Wilder. (1991; 95 min.) 




Sat & Sun, February 15, 16 • FREE Admission

Flipping for Flip: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of The Flip Wilson Show

Already an audience favorite from various variety show appearances during the 1960s, Flip Wilson became nothing less than a household name with the September 1970 debut of his own NBC variety series, The Flip Wilson Show, making him the first black comedian to headline a show in this genre. An instant hit, the series reached Number 2 in the Nielsen Ratings for its first two seasons and provided a showcase for many black artists who guest starred. It also gave Flip an opportunity to spotlight some of his notable comedic characters like Reverend Leroy of the Church of What’s Happening Now, Herbie the Good Time Ice Cream Man, and his most famous creation, sassy Geraldine Jones.


12:05 pm

The Flip Wilson Show: Featuring Perry Como, Lola Falana, Denise Nicholas, Charlie Callas

Geraldine visits a psychiatrist played by Perry Como in this episode, which also features Lola Falana, Denise Nicholas, and Charlie Callas. (1970; 52 min.)


1:00 pm

The Flip Wilson Show: Featuring Lily Tomlin, Redd Foxx, Roger Miller, The Temptations

Flip welcomes guests Lily Tomlin, Redd Foxx, Roger Miller, and the Temptations. (1970; 52 min.)


2:00 pm

The Flip Wilson Show: Featuring Lily Tomlin, Bob Hudson & Ron Landry, The Jackson 5, Dr. David Reuben

Lily Tomlin and the comedy team of Bob Hudson and Ron Landry bring laughs to Flip’s show, the Jackson 5 perform a medley of songs including "I Want You Back," "ABC," and "The Love You Save,” and Dr. David Reuben, the author of Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask, encounters Geraldine. (1971; 52 min.)


3:00 pm

The Flip Wilson Show: Featuring Aretha Franklin, George Carlin, Dom DeLuise

Aretha Franklin provides music and George Carlin and Dom DeLuise provide comedy. (1972; 52 min.)


4:00 pm

The Flip Wilson Show: Featuring Lily Tomlin, Ed McMahon, Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. delivers an iconic performance of “Mr. Bojangles” in this episode that also features Lily Tomlin and Ed McMahon. (1972; 52 min.)


5:00 pm

The Flip Wilson Show: Featuring Richard Pryor, Don Knotts, Oscar Brown Jr., Jean Pace

Flip is joined by fellow comedian Richard Pryor, portraying diners confronting nervous waiter Don Knotts, and as the participants in a silent movie spoof. (1973; 52 min.)



Sat & Sun, February 29, March 1
• FREE Admission

A Salute to the 40th Anniversary of BET

The Paley Center for Media is honored to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Black Entertainment Television (BET), the first network to prominently feature black life, culture, and entertainment. Founded in 1980 by Robert L. Johnson, BET was also the first black-owned TV network and the first African-American controlled company to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, BET is lauded as the home of black culture that entertains, engages, and empowers black audiences. Our screenings include programs created by and featuring entertainment icons and celebrities like Tyler Perry, Lena Waithe, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and more.


12:30 pm

Sistas: “Pilot”

The debut episode of Tyler Perry’s comedy-drama introduces its four single female protagonists and their complicated love lives, including divorce lawyer Andi (KJ Smith), stuck in a relationship with a married man; bank employee Sabrina (Novi Brown), who hooks up with a flirtatious customer; and hair salon owner Karen (Ebony Obsidian), who tries her best to kick out her unfaithful partner. (2019; 43 min.)


1:20 pm

Sistas: “Mixed Signals”

In episode two of Tyler Perry’s series, airline worker Dani (Mignon Von) spots her friend Andi’s married lover with yet another woman; Sabrina starts to wonder about the sexuality of the man she’s dating; and Karen reluctantly allows her cheating boyfriend to spend the night. (2019; 43 min.)


2:10 pm

Twenties: “Pilot”

Tossed out of her apartment, aspiring television writer Hattie (Jonica T. Gibbs) is rescued by her two well-to-do friends, Nia and Maria (Gabrielle Graham and Christina Elmore), who secure her a job interview for a show Hattie can’t stand. As Hattie sees it, “I’m black and I’m gay; Hollywood should be knocking down my door.” This is a “first look” at this brand new series premiering in March, from creator-writer-executive producer Lena Waithe. (2020; 23 min.)


2:40 pm

Boomerang: Second Season Premiere

Despite their breakups, Bryson (Tequan Richmond) and Simone (Tetona Jackson), and David (RJ Walker) and Crystal (Brittany Inge) find themselves attending homecoming at their alma mater, Nelson College. This episode pays tribute to Spike Lee’s 1988 comedy School Daze, as Tia (Lala Milan) and her posse cut loose in a musical standoff with a contentious drill team. This is a “first look” at the second season premiere episode of this series airing in March, developed by Lena Waithe and Ben Cory Jones, (2020; 26 min.)


3:10 pm

Real Husbands of Hollywood: “A Blurred 47 ½ Hours”

In this episode from Kevin Hart’s wicked parody of reality television, the comedian finds himself teamed up with George Lopez for a buddy cop movie, 47 ½ Hours, only to discover that director John Singleton is considering replacing him with Hart’s arch rival, Mike Epps. (2014; 20 min.)


3:35 pm

Real Husbands of Hollywood: “Vote for Kidney”

Tension erupts between Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon when Kevin’s new movie, 47 ½ Hours, and Nelly’s latest opus about Kevin, Falling Legend, end up having their premieres on the same day at the same theater. This episode also includes Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell-Martin, George Lopez, Mariah Carey, and others, all playing tongue-in-cheek versions of themselves. (2015; 20 min.)