The Paley Center offers classes via videoconferencing on a wide variety of topics that have been developed and are conducted by the Paley Center's education staff. Classes include clips from the collection that provide information, stimulate conversation, and encourage active viewing and critical thinking. Pre- and post-visit educational materials provide additional thematically relevant information and extend the learning experience. To determine which class fits your needs, please read through the description, pre- and post-visit activities, and scheduling information.

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Thank You

The Paley Center wishes to thank the
Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation

and Polycom, Inc. for supporting the
Distance Learning Program.

Pinnacle Award

Congratulations to The Paley Center for Media's Education department for earning the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration's Pinnacle Award in recognition of outstanding videoconference programs. This award, presented annually, is based on teacher evaluations submitted through the CILC website, and recognizes outstanding performance by a content provider.